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  1. Where is a good place to find these boats for sale?
  2. I have not seen a breaker for the flush system just a switch. Sounds like the duck bill valves.
  3. Small air compressor or try disconnecting the line then blow.Pulsating pump could be the pump. There might be a psi adjustment. Good luck, Tom
  4. Must be a vacu flush breaker somewhere. Check engine room for the pump assembly.
  5. If you are at the pier maybe one of the shore connections is bad.
  6. Turn both switches on and all should work fine.
  7. When cruising what position do you keep your drive. Down , middle or Up?
  8. Hi all, We took our new to is 07 270 out for our first cruise and the boat ran fine. The question I have is the out drive needed to be in the lowest position and when I trimmed it up for performance just seemed to suck air. The tabs were set about 25% with the indicators. What position does your drive stay in for most efficiently? Thanks, Tom
  9. Also it's possible your boat batteries are emitting sulfuric gas.
  10. Possibly low battery or take the cap off then unplug then re plug to see if that helps.
  11. Once you have the key number go on e bay I just purchased one for about 10.00.
  12. I had a 741 on our fish boat it was very nice.
  13. Take a picture with your phone before you un hook anything. Memory is not as good as a picture.
  14. Try contacting the gauge manufacturer.
  15. Good luck in your request. Congrats on your new boat.
  16. Evidently this is a typo from the manufacturer.It is not he rear seat it is the helm seat that folds down.
  17. Hi all , Can someone please tell me how to fold down the rear seat at the transom. I have read multiple times it can but I haven't figured it out. Thank you, Tom
  18. Thank you which boat did you have to get this speed please? Tom
  19. Does anyone know their top speed with this motor and drive set up please? Thank you, Tom
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