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  1. Did you try and remove the toilet paper holder?
  2. My 298 with 5.0 GXI has F6 props. There is no way it is going to go 60MPH be happy with 50 mph and some good fuel range.
  3. My step down well into the cabin drain is clogged. I have tried to clear with both compressed air and the garden hose. I even put a fish tape down it and it stops just after the hose disappears behind the bulkhead at the rear of the shower/Forward bilge well. Can anyone or MOST tell me where this hose routes to? Or how to access it? Its under the main deck floor. Does it rout the the engine compartment? where can I find the other end? It is completely sealed so it appears it is being pinched by something.
  4. A windlass switch would be near the shifters at the helm, there would also be a large circuit breaker at the helm for the winch start looking there first since the polarity for the red and black wire changes at the switch.
  5. start by replacing the radiator cap and make sure raw water pump is moving water through the heat exchanger.
  6. If you sand it well and use silver paint is may be a big improvement for the price of a can of paint.
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