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  1. My remote commander has stopped working. I have looked for fuzes or loose wires on the commander and the stereo unit to no avail. The wire from the commander to the stereo unit looks to be sealed the whole way. Can anyone provide any insight on what to do next?
  2. Patrick, I am not for sure when this design cam into production but a few of my friends have the same except they have a half clam shell on the bottom with a screen. Maybe the MOST can fill in the rest.
  3. Abbe Normal, I had this problem last year but it did not matter what speed. My dealer replaced the impeller and it still overheated. After some searching they found small pebbles and vegetation inside the cooling system that had to be cleaned out. On my 2007 270 the thru hull fitting for the engine does not have any type of screen protecting it. I have called Monterey on it and asked what can be done but really did not get a good answer. I had asked about a sea strainer inline but the response was no due to water flow needed for the engine. I guess if I would have done it, it would of violated my engine warranty.
  4. Thanks. That does explain some. My dealer also stated that this model also receives water from the out drive. Is this true? It is a 6.2L horizon engine with the Bravo 3 drive.
  5. This question probably goes out to MOST. I have a 270 with the thru hull engine cooling design. I recently had to have cooling system cleaned out due to overheating. The dealer found small pebbles and vegatation inside the cooling core. All my friends tell me I should have a forward facing clam shell on the bottom of the boat at the inlet. I just had the boat pulled out for winter and I did not find a clam shell. Is there suppose to be one? If not is there a some type of screen that should be in place to prevent the vegatation from ending up in the engine?
  6. For all Monterey owner who did not know. One Stop Boat Shop in the new dealer/service center for Monterey boats. One Stop Boat Shop is located at Hope Springs Marina in Stafford, VA. If you have warranty work that was scheduled to be done through Family Boating Center you may want to give Justin a call - (866) 414-8022 at the new location. He is the POC for Monterey's at this time.
  7. Joe, We were there last year but decided to move up closer to our house. We really loved our time at Hope Springs but traveling south to get to it on weekends was a pain. We are now up in Prince William County close to the Occoquan. Now it is only 8 miles from our house. Enjoy and hopefully will see you out there. Brian
  8. Congrats on the new boat. I have seen that at the dealership with Family Boating Center and really loved it. I really wanted to move up to the 330 this year but could not really pull the trigger this year.
  9. Solace

    Boat Names

    We named our 2007 270CR of course "SOLACE"
  10. Here is our 2007 270. We mainly stay in the Potomac but have ventured into the bay.
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