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  1. I bought a 2003 298sc and had this noise with one engine. Tracked it down to a small foam "muffler" inside engine throttle body. Pull the cover and spark arrest off of the throttle body and look into the port that feeds the idle air control motor. Use the other engine to compare.
  2. I stopped by the truck scale with my dodge 2500 diesel towing my 298sc with 1/2 fuel and water. Total vehicle weight was 22,600 lbs. Ouch!!! Trailer axles weight was 13,500 lbs. (this does not include tongue weight). Considering the weight, it tows great. The diesel can pull it up 5% grades at 55-60. The trailer has 6 wheel discs, however, they are surge which is a little dicey getting them to active with such a heavy tongue weight.
  3. I have a 03 298sc that I purchase over the summer. The previous owner installed two amplifiers under the helm/instrument cluster. Access is located by raising the helm seat. At very front of the under floor storage is a plastic access panel. Remove the panel and locate the amps on the floor. His selection of location is great idea, however, he did not mount the amps. Therefore they are sliding around on top of the wires. He is lucky not to have chaffed the -4 power wire. Lake Mead Monster... I grew up boating on Lake Mead and keep the new boat in storage up there most of the summer. We should meet up on the lake. I can be contacted at turbobug56@yahoo.com. Scott
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