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Repair and/or Replace Faucet Stems on 2004 298 SC

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I wanted to repair and/or replace the faucet stems on my 2004 298 SC. I pulled all five stems (2 in kitchen, 2 in bath and one on sink near ice container).



Here are my questions.



1. Can I not just replace the rubber washer on the bottom of the stem to improve the seal? You would think so but it appears you cannot remove that "screw" holding it on. There is a small impression on the "screw" but it appears to be nothing you can put a tool in to remove.



2. Where can I purchase all new faucet stems for my boat? I tried Lowes, Home Depot, West Marine, Plumbing Store and called a camper/RV shop with no luck. I'm not even sure the make of the plumbing fixtures the stems came out of.



If it helps I can attach pictures of the stems or the hardware the stems were pulled from.


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Try here . Scandvik makes quite a bit of the marine fixtures in boats.


Or here


Hope you can find what you need.

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