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  1. I have the Volvo unit. The master controller is on the bulkhead on the Stern on the port side inside of the boat. There are two boxes black plastic with something white inside that you can see through the grill cover that’s on these little boxes there’s two of them there’s one on the port side and one on the starboard side of the stern drive outside of the boat and these are connected to the main control box. I’ve seen at times when my boat has been out of the water for A week or so. I will look at the master control box and it’ll have red light on meaning I don’t have Galvanized Protection. If I wet each one of those little boxes outside the boat with water go back and look at the control panel and I’ll see a green light meaning I have protection now you know eventually go out when everything dries up I’ll give that a try.
  2. Try keeping your ladder up until you get to the beach and then lower it and it won’t drag. Merry Christmas
  3. Check your main switch it’s usually a big round red one it’ll say off, one, or both. you have to have on one to use the start battery or two to use the house bank all house batteries and put it on all and use the house battery and will use the start battery. now I have a 2000 24 cruiser but most of them are all the same with that master switch so give me just give it a shot see what happens and just send a reply letter So all of us know if you got it fixed or not. Most people come here ask a question we’re giving an answer but you never hear from the person again if it fix the problem it’s kind of aggravating or irritating. Merry Christmas
  4. Look on the stearn bulkhead/transom and on the port side for the control unit. Thats where mine is. You can look at the outside of the boat on the transom for the two rectangle plastic (not sure what to call them) they are what measure the electricity. You should be able to see where the wires enter the boat. The control unit should have a green light on when things are being protected.
  5. I feel this is a good length. How much and what type of rode do you have attached to it and what type of anchor do you have? Do you have a lot of tide depth change or a lot of winds? We get a lot of wind here in the NW and 12' or more tides at tide change, sometimes a little more and other times a little less but I figure 12'. That's why I have 50' of chain so it lays flat and pulls that anchor into the sand/mud and digs in deeper when the wind really picks up. 15 to 20 knots during the day with 30 to 35 knot gusts.
  6. Go to the Bennet web site and they show you have to measure to see what trim tabs will fit your boat and how to install them.
  7. If you ask a question and someone gives you a reply as to your problem, how about being so kind is to report back if your problem was solved or the info you received helped or not. There are so many that come here, ask a question, received an answer but you never hear from the question asker again.
  8. I have a 2008 242 CR and I don't have an hour meter. Did all Monterey boats come with an hour meter?
  9. Have you checked the connections to see if they are not corroded? Clean them off at the blower with electrical contact cleaner and see if that works/help. If this is your engine compartment blower make DARN sure the area is evacuated Before you start that engine or your boat might go kaaaboom!
  10. 88ah doesn't sound like a lot of reserve. My refrigerator would drain that battery before the night is over. Is this a car battery you're using? I've never heard of GelTech. I use Trojan deep cycle, two for house and an Interstate starting battery and all three are 4 years old and going strong. I was told by a person that works in a battery factory that the Interstate's have one more plate than other batteries. Now that I've typed that they will all go flat!! There has to be something that is drawing your house battery down. Refrigerator, stereo left on or some electronics left on without you knowing or remembering you didn't shut something off?
  11. Pull it out of the locker and measure the length. I have a 242 CR and I put 50 feet of 1/4" attached to 200 feet of rode with a Bruce anchor. I think it's 22 or 25 lb anchor but I forget and would have to go to the boat to check. I did have 25' of chain when I got the boat and added another 25'. I wanted the extra chain laying down on the bottom so the anchor pulls more into the bottom. I also put tags on the chain & rode to see how many feet I'l playing out and that works well. I bought the tags and they are different colors so you know about what feet area you are in because the chain and rode payout pretty fast.
  12. I have a 2000 242 CR with just about the same setup as you have except I'm all Volvo. I get 4800 RPM and 43 to 44 GPS MPH.
  13. .CitationX I have the same problem with my depth hummingbird finder. It works for about 90 seconds then craps out. I've read several others have the same problem. I gave up on that unit because I didn't want to mess around with the thruhull transducer so I use my Garmin chart plotter. I set mine for 10 - 15 feet giving me safety to the bottom of the outdrive. When I'm in your area and near shore or where the plotter and paper charts show the depths I go really slow. You have a LOT of hidden rocks just below the surface of your area but. you have the best boating area in the country.
  14. I have the 2000 242. I went online and searched each of the items such as the battery charger, the fridge, water heater, any item I could not find an info tag on. Mine came with a 20 amp charger that I had to replace. I went with another 20 amp but if I had it to do all over again, I'd go with the 30 amp unit. I can't remember the name of the charger but it starts with a C. There are many different units out there so it's your choice. All of the pumps have info tags on them so that's easy. I don't have an inverter. The stove has an info tag on it but mine doesn't work very well. When you want a lot of heat and select high or mid-high the unit shuts off, cools a little then restarts. I use portable propane stove(s). One is a 2 burner and 2 others are single burner. I also have a bar-b-que. Installed the bar-b-que's base that holds the post that holds the unit in the swim step's storage area. It sits between where a couple of step space is so I can keep the step onboard and use the cooker or I could have the step in the water. The smoke is blown away from the boat by the wind/breeze that comes from the bow to aft. I had to pull the fridge out to get all of the info and to see how much free space is there to store things but there's not much at all.
  15. I go along with you 100% but you sure pay for that knowledge! I feel I've been soaked a couple of times. The last time was last year when I had the bellows changed. The DP outdrive was all nicked up, the volt meter came up broken for some strange reason and the tilt/trim angle doesn't show up on the gauge anymore and I paid through the nose for the replacement for the bellows and I had a lot of work to fix up the digs, scrapes and gorges in the outdrive. I es/fish fresh and salt water and to get the drive up to par for salt water I had a lot of work that had to be done. The shop says they had nothing to do with any of this. I took the boat out one time after the 'fixes' and I think the alternator is toast but I didn't have it tested. I should have had my son help me remove the outdrive and did the work myself. It's not rocket science. I just did't have the time so that's what I get for not taking the time. I'm sure not all shops are the the Volvo Penta "official' shop out there, it's just I got what I feel was damage that they caused and would not correct. Soap Oper off!!
  16. Wow 22" isn't a lot of room to maneuver in. If you have two engines you might be able to port reverse and forward with the starboard engine. I have only a single engine and I'm not sure I could dock with that less space. Go to YouTube and there are several videos on docking and using lines to assist you. You're going to have to go REALLY slow!
  17. GetAway

    John M

    Put a gauge on the wires at the horn and have someone blow the horn and if you have power at the horns try spraying some WD-40 into the horn(s). My horns are in the chain locker and they were shot so I replaced them with a set of auto horns and that fixed my problem. Auto horns were 2x to 3x less in cost than a horn from a boat supply store and it's 100% louder.
  18. I have a 2000 242CR and I have one seacock. It is under the small step that leads to the mid cabin berth. It is like a ball valve and it is right next to the shower sump box. The valve is for the inlet water to the toilet. When you pump the toilet flush water this is where the water comes from.
  19. Engine oil pressure and cooling temp. I have an old 2000 system so yours may cover more. I would not think power steering has any alarms. If you check the fluid level all should be okay. If your belt is loose you'll hear it squeal.
  20. Ha ha ha ha that's funny!!! Boat repair shops soak you worst than crossing an ocean bar with 2 ft wind waves and 6 ft swells!!
  21. When was the last time the impeller was changed? I had an impeller that was 2 years old and my temp gauge dropped to 120 no alarms. I have the 2000 Volvo 5.7 G??. I changed my impeller with a new Volvo unit and my temps returned to 158 - 160 and stays there at idle and 3000 - 3500 rpms. I've read the unit should be changed every 2 years.
  22. Lift the cover to the box in front of your mid berth. There should be a box that your shower drains into along with a bilge pump and switch. There should be one (1) seacock there that is for sucking in water to flush your toilet. I have a 2000 242 Cruiser and that's the only seacock that my boat has.
  23. Attwood makes both thermoplastic and stainless steel thru hull fittings. Go to their site and they list the sizes and material used. Do a search at West Marine or any of the other marine supply stores and you'll find the type that you need. Do a search for prices because they are different for the same part. Perco also lists several plastic/metal fittings too. Good luck and leave an update to what you decided to do.
  24. Was your video created in Sweden? The area looks beautful!
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