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  1. Hi everyone. I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to say nice job to everyone on their windlass projects. Here are the pics of my Lewmar Horizon 500 windlass job I did several years ago on our 262CR. The Windlass deck before This is the bulkhead between the anchor locker and the cabin I chose to cut the bulkhead for easier accessibility. When complete, I mounted a dual direction solenoid on the other side of the bulkhead, below the cutout. This allowed me to wire two switches to control the windlass, one at the helm and one near the windlass. I mounted the breaker near the battery switch Here is the switch at the helm The helm Voila! If you look close, you can see the secondary switch in the lower left-hand corner of the pic.
  2. Hello fellow Monterey boat owners. I'm wondering if anyone here has experience wtith hydraulic swim platform lifts? I've seen them on larger boats and thought it would be a nice upgrade on our 262CR. Is that even possible? Thanks for any input.
  3. Perry, my wife and I boat on Lake Michigan, launch from Diversey Harbor, and on the Chain 'o Lakes in Mc Henry Lake County. We've been on the Illinois River a couple of times...put in at Morris, IL and tooled around as far as Starved Rock Marina.
  4. Boatman, if an aluminum arch suits your fancy, try Atlantic Towers.com. Good luck.
  5. Hi Dave, my wife and I started with a 17' bowrider. It lasted 6 months. We traded up to a 21' cuddy. It lasted 2 years. We then traded up to our current 2000 262CR. We love it! We trailer it locally, mostly to Lake Michigan at Chicago's lakefront. Lake Michigan can get pretty rough so I'm sure yours will do well on the ocean. Just watch the weather and currents. Welcome!
  6. Raybob, get used to the rolling. Ours rolls with just 2 aboard. Our cruisers have a high a profile, 8'6" beam and with all that canvas, it's like having a sail in the wind. With time and experience, you'll learn to control much of the rolling with the trim tabs. If you find you just hate the rolling, upgrade to a bigger boat with a much wider beam.
  7. Typically, boats of that size don't come with hour meters as standard equipment but in the event there is one, the 1st, obvious place to look is the dash. Next would be somewhere in the engine compartment. Good luck but I doubt there is one.
  8. Hey ajpfies, have you installed that fuel whistle yet? Let us know because I'm looking at that same gizmo but want to hear from someone who has 1st-hand experience with it. Thanks.
  9. Love then new layout but the posts need to occur a lot quicker. Thanks.
  10. Jeff, what did they use to tighten it, an impact wrench set on high? If they overtightened the drain plug, they should loosen it for you. Any damage incurred will be on their nickel. The plug itself has a pretty sturdy head so, using a crescent wrench should be sufficient. But if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, I'd insist the marina do it for you.
  11. Looking forward to seeing all the new Montereys!
  12. We named ours Aloha...'nuff said.
  13. Clay, your microwave, by far, should be the biggest draw. Use that and add about 10% to be safe, in case you want to nuke some popcorn with the lights on, ect. On another forum, there's a guy who uses a Honda EU2000 to power his Four Winns 248 when on the hook.
  14. Paul, don't use a paddle bit! Use a hole saw, instead. Also, use masking tape on the area to be drilled to minimize the chipping of the gelcoat. Good luck.
  15. EMcCoy, when we bought our 2000 262CR, we had the folks at Loadmaster Trailer Co. build ours. They had the specs for it and I'm sure they'll have yours. Here's the website: http://www.loadmastertrailerco.com/
  16. RayBob, I have a 2000 262CR with the 5.7L B3 combo and tabs. She'll hit 40 when properly trimmed. As the admin said, take your time and make small adjustments. Note the water and wind conditions and also, how you're loaded. But with that big a** 7.4L, you shouldn't have any lack of power issues.
  17. Hi all! I'm JC from Chicagoland. This is my 1st post since Monterey updated the message board. Nice work, Monterey! My wife and I are the proud owners of a 2000 Monterey 262CR. We do most of our boating on Lake Michigan and some inland lakes near Chicago. Looking forward to the '08 boating season. Safe boating to all! P.S. Hey Markhb, I recognize you from the Trailerboats forum. I'll say it again, I love that you've got an arch AND radar on a deckboat. Priceless!
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