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  1. Could have been dismantled and/or swithced to a "secret" switch. This type of exhaust is illegal here in MN. My buddy just had his rewired where one ACC switch has to be on, and then he hits another unlabeled ACC switch to make it go from quiet to loud. This was after he received a "fix it" ticket from the water patrol who informed us that "cut outs" (a switchable exhaust) is illegal.
  2. Running 60+MPH with the snap on covers will put undue strain on your nice (& expensive) canvas covers IMO. What I would recommend is buying a cheaper one piece travel cover made of sythetics. I purchased one for my 2003 218 LS for about $120. It actually offers a little more protection as well since the cover comes down over the sides of the vessel a little bit as opposed to snapping right up on the top.
  3. Where is the pitot? I have a Montura 218LS open bow. Thanks, Tim
  4. Is there a bow filler cushion available for my 2003 Montura 218 LS? If so, any idea on a ballpark msrp price? Thanks! ~Tim
  5. 2003 Montura 218 LS w/Merc. 5.0 MPI This shot is from this past Memorial Day Weekend as we camped on an island on the Mighty Mississippi just south of Wabasha, MN. My wife and I usually run the beautiful St. Criox River that divides MN & WI. (couldn't seem to upload the big pic, so you will have to click on pic for viewable size)
  6. I would think you will be fully covered by Progressive without any problems. I had a hail claim on both my vehicles, and there were no questions asked whatsoever. Very good service.
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