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  1. MM - I have a 2005 298sc. The boat is in heated winter storage. The next time I'm there I'll see if I can find some manufacture info for you..
  2. I have a 2005 Monterey 298 and recently replaced both tachs. In doing so, I removed the dash panel. There wasn't a master plug. We had to individually disconnect each wire. A master plug would have been nice.
  3. Steve - a few thoughts - without question a marine survey is a must including an engine/drive survey. The 298 I purchased had also been serviced since new but several items did surface from the surveys. The major item was the gimbal bearing on both drives. This was about a $2000 repair. Regarding price - most marine surveys will include an estimated value based on several different sources including recent sales of the 298sc. I paid $49k for mind without the trailer. With the trailer we had settled on 51k. It has the twin volvo 5.7 320 hp engines including the corsa exhaust. The only option we don't have is the generator. The boat was in excellent condition with all the original equipment and manuals. Most of the equipment (covers, micro, cooler, refrig) had never been used. The boat was always kept on the trailer so the boat was in showroom condition. Good luck - again we love the boat. We boat on Lake Erie with a normal chop. The 298sc handles it with ease.
  4. Steve I own a 2005 298 sc. I love the boat. We've owned three boats and this by far is our favorite. I purchased mine last year from the original owner - had 75 total hours. Has all the same options you listed expect for the generator and ac/heat. Most of the other options you listed were standard. How many hours and what's the service history? What's the asking price. I've had a lot of standard work done in the last 1 1/2 years on the boat. Let me know how I can help. It's a great boat. Steve
  5. PERSK, I have a total of three batteries. A starting battery for each engine. I then installed a third Group 27 Deep cycle for everything other than starting the engines. At anchor I turn off both starting batteries and everything is run thru the third deep cycle. All three are connected to my battery charger. I just installed this set-up over the winter. It works awesome!!
  6. In my experience most mooring covers can be left on the boat during towing. Where did you locate your morning cover? I'm trying to find one for a 2005 Monterey 298 sc. Can't find one anywhere.
  7. Great comments and questions. I have a 2005 Monterey 298 sc. I'm in the process of making some battery changes myself. First, I agree I don't know why Monterey didn't offer or install a house battery as part of the original set up. However, I have heard and I know the manual states problems can occur over time with EFI engines if something other than a starting battery is used with less than 650 cca. So I'm installing two 650 cca starting batteries for each engine. In addition I'm installing a deep cycle third battery to run all the 12v items while at anchor. In doing this I'll assure myself two strong starting batteries without needing to rely on an emergency parallel switch.
  8. Swest

    Boat Names

    "Away from the world" A little DMB reference.
  9. I would replace u joints with new since you have it torn apart.
  10. I have a 2005 298sc. I called Taylormaid I gave them the number from my existing canvas and they were able to secure replacements for me. Also might check with a local canvas shop. Good luck.
  11. Racurl. I have a 2005 298SC. My shower sump pump is located just a couple feet away from my shower drain. It's under an access panel as you step down into the cabin. Should be in the center of the hull. More than likely there will also be a backup bilge pump next to it. Good luck
  12. I purchased a 2005 Monterey 298 SC over the winter. My question -- the head sink and kitchen sink drain into the shower sump pump and then is pumped into the holding tank instead of overboard. Everybody is telling me this is crazy -- it should pump overboard and that I should re-route it thru one of the existing thru-hull drains. Thoughts? Is this common on Monterey boats? Any concerns re-routing or leaving as is?
  13. I just purchased a 2005 298 SC. I'm missing the two short Bimini top support poles for the front portion of the TaylorMade Bimini Top. The support poles are about 12-13 inches and attached to the windshield railing. I've sent an email to TaylorMade but haven't heard back. Was hoping you could provide me with a part number or resource to purchase two new support poles. Appreciate any help - thanks.
  14. Just thought I would post an update. I started this thread in late January when the temps were below zero so it's nice to add to my original question. Last week I completed the marine survey and sea trial with the surveyor aboard. The overall survey went very well with some minor items that surfaced -- which the dealership is addressing. In addition, the sea trial went well. The only item we noticed was a low charge on the port side engine -- mechanic is checking alternator as well as battery. The twin 5.7's sounded and performed wonderfully. Completing a few details this week and should take delivery on Friday. Thanks for all the advice.
  15. Rob - sounds like a great boat - who completed the survey? Was it a surveyor you selected or someone selected by the dealer? If it's an independent review of the boat sounds like you have found a great gem. What was included in the mechanical survey? Comprehension check - leak down - drives? I've been on several 318 boats - what a great boat. Let us know how your Saturday appointment went. Good luck. Keep us posted.
  16. Purchase agreement included sea trial as well as full mechanical / marine survey. Thanks again for all the advice.
  17. I've been a boat owner since 2005. Always had new 24-26 foot open bows. Looking to move up to bigger boat. I've located a 2006 Monterey 298 sc with about 75 hours close by. Original owner with Volvo 5.7 Gxi DP. The boat is very well cared for. It's a brokerage boat not located at the dealer. I've contact a marine surveyor to complete an inspection but having difficulty finding a marine mechanic that will travel to the boat for an engine check. Would appreciate your thoughts. It's January and 10 degrees so a sea trial is many months away. If an offer is written and accepted the dealer will bring the boat in for a complete inspection. Thoughts on the dealer completing at least a compression check on the engines? Offer will be written subject to satisfactory marine survey. Thanks
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