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  1. Not the best picture, but you can see many of the snaps and their location on this pic of our 204FS.
  2. On the two cruisers we have owned, both mattress covers had to be made for us. We used a local seamstress, who measured the mattress' and made a cover out of the material we picked out. I do not think you will find anyone that stocks these. It's a custom made thing.
  3. ooops, sorry I read screens, and assumed it was for your cockpit canvas. Dummy..... I think bowmar can help you with the portlight screens as already mentioned.
  4. Likely your canvas was made by Ameritex Contact them with your boat information. Monterey can also provide you with their part numbers for the canvas/screen enclosure, and that may speed up your inquiry.
  5. Stock prop for the 194FS/204FS is a 14-1/2 x 19 or 21 (3) blade aluminum, depending on where you boat. If you go to a 4 blade, drop down to 20 pitch. I'm happy with the 14-1/2 x 21 (3) blade on our 204. For watersports and holeshot, a 4 blade may be better for you, but you will lose a couple mph at WOT.
  6. Just a couple facts from the performance sheets on the Monterey website re-garding the 4.3L vs. 5.0L Gallons per hour at cruise (35mph) 4.3L MPI V6 = 9.0 Gallons per hour at cruise (36mph) 5.0L MPI-C V8 = 9.7 Speed Range @ Max RPM 4.3L MPI V6 = 46-50 mph 5.0L MPI V8 = 51-55 mph So the facts do support slightly better fuel economy at cruise with the V6, but .7 gph is really not a big difference, even at high "petrol" prices. Having tested both the V6 and the V8 in new 204FS models, the V8 was noticeably stronger, and was without a doubt faster at top end. In our tests, we hit 49 mph at WOT with the V6 equipped boat, and 55 mph at WOT with the V8. We chose the V8 204FS. The V6 is totally adequate for most all uses in the 194FS/204FS, but we felt the extra performance, with minimal difference in fuel economy was a no brainer for us. Either way, it's a great boat overall, and either engine should be fine for you.
  7. Probably your only choices for that year of boat. http://www.swimplatforms.com/ http://www.swimplatformsuperstore.com/
  8. I could count mine on our 204FS for you, but it's in storage. The "poppers"/snaps are cheap, just buy a bag of them, you may need to replace some oneday anyway.
  9. Welcome !! Nice looking cuddy cabin boat. Should be great for the UK boating weather.
  10. Monterey Boats wins best of show in Atlantic City
  11. Nice boat, Congrats. The 208Si is similar in size to our 204FS. Does your's have the 4.3L V6 ?
  12. Like MOST said, ignition keys can be copied at any key shop or hardware store, same with glovebox key if you have one.
  13. I have never pulled any panels off mine yet to see what is back there. Some wiring for the fuse panel, gages and helm switches for sure, and probably not much on the port side but stereo wiring. Some builders put a hinge on the back of the bow seats so the cushion lifts up to gain access. I don't think you will drasrically hurt the structural integrity if you cut out some of the glass behind the cushions.
  14. Welcome Jack !! I would suggest a storage net in that area to protect gear from moving around while underway. Here is one source. http://www.organizedobie.com/categories/239/Netting-Organization Our 204FS has a divider on the starboard side, so we did not need one. But without a divider, your boat makes it easier to access that side of the engine for service. With a net, you can simply remove it when you need engine service. We store our life jackets in a duffle bag on the starboard side, as well as another duffle bag with boat maintenance items. Hope this helps !
  15. If you mean dash temp gauge, it's likely made by Faria. Could still be warrantied. Contact Faria and get a replacement. Glass for head portal is not available from the manufacturer. You can take the entire portlite out, and have a local glass shop replace just the glass. The manufacturer will likely require that you buy the entire portlite and replace it. Or if you have deep pockets, see your Monterey dealer, and have him replace the gauge and entire portlite. Let him worry about how and where the parts come from.
  16. I don't think you can get the template files from Monterey direct to you. But your dealer can order it from Monterey, and they will take care of getting Sea Dek what they need.
  17. You may mean the shower sump. Stock Attwood pump is all you need. Can get on-line many places. Amazon it's about $86.00. I would recommend the 750.
  18. Even if the OP has a 4.3L V6, a 19, 20 or even21P Stainless four blade will improve holeshot, and only lose 2 mph at WOT.
  19. 1.) Remove graphics with blow dryer. Heat up and peel off SLOWLY. 2.) Replacement graphics would have to be ordered through a dealer, which can advise if they are still available.
  20. Hopefully you can use what is left of your's as a template. Here is a good source. http://greatlakesskipper.com/product/56_90_124-boat-gauges-panel-blanks/31609--plastic-woodgrain-30-inch-x-24-inch-boat-dash-panel-blank.html Or you could try vinyl over the old one. http://compare.ebay.com/like/120312964714?var=bingv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&rvr_id=225436563766&crlp=1_263602_325002&UA=WVI7&GUID=19297fc912d0a0aa17f03050fe69874a&itemid=120312964714&ff4=263602_325002
  21. 1998 Montura 186BR Dimensions LOA: 18 ft 0 in Beam: 7 ft 0 in Dry Weight: 2200 lbs Engines Engine Brand: Mercruiser Engine(s) Total Power: 190 HP Engine Model: 4.3L Alpha Engine Type: Inboard Drive Type: Stern drive Year Built: 1998
  22. It's a matter of preference, but mounting a grill ion a pedestal on the swimplatform seems to be the best way for us.
  23. Greetings Markhb !! Glad to see some other BABC'ers who own Monterey's posting here. There is a veteran BABC guy who just bought a Monterey and will announce it soon, and he is also a California boater.
  24. Uhhh, Just measure your lift and order one. The chart is self explanitory, only issue is 12 volt or 24 volt. I would assume your's is 12V. http://www.lencomarine.com/index.php/products/hatch-lifts/item/electric-hatch-lifts-12-and-24-volt?category_id=112
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