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  1. Glad you had an easy fix..... I will say that Raymarine has AWESOME support! Have a c70 and the vhf by raymarine and when I had an issue, I received top notch support!
  2. What are your recommendations for fixing this issue?
  3. Any chance you can sell me a 6 pack of these things or where I can buy them online?
  4. Unfortunately I don't have a Monterey dealer near me.
  5. Easy enough! Thanks! I turned the gold bezel and the whole unit seemed to come loose, just a bit, but no signs of any screws that I can get at. Do you have brand name so I can search for a parts breakdown? Thanks!
  6. On my 330, the arch has recessed lights. How do they come out so I can replace the bulb? Pulled the arch access panel off but no way of reaching over to the lights, too far away and not much room in there. The AB switch in the radio/dvd cabinet, is that for switching between antenna and cable?
  7. 2007 330SY - The overhead panel just as you enter the cabin is coming down. I was able to see and pull out 3-4 of the white fasteners that had broken. They are double sided white fasteners. Where can I buy these things? Checked with the auto stores and nothing even close.
  8. I had the same issue with the stock merc quick and quiet.. thought it was the valves at first, then learned it was the diverters.. the ones I had from merc had a rubber sleeve mounted on the outer edges of the butterfly on the inside of the diverter. When the rubber burns up or wears out, then the ticking begins... only way to repair is to pull the diverter off. That was my experience, the corsa may be setup differently... to remove, just had to pull the riser portion only(sits on top of the exhaust manifold)of the exahaust manifold off to make room for backing off the flexible exhaust hose components... really pretty easy job...
  9. I have the teak swim deck option on my 330 and the 4 areas around the engine hatch hinge and another area over by the cockpit entance are starting to lift. When you step on these areas, water will actually squirt out. I have the boat in the garage for the winter and would like to fix this problem before it gets worse. MOST: How would you recommend fixing this and what products to use for resecuring the teak and black caulking the edges? This is a 2007 boat and I've been keeping the teak sealed throughout the summer. THanks.
  10. I have the factory kenwood subwoofer in my 330... be sure when installing it to back the speaker with heavy one sided taped foam, you can get at any hardware store. The vibration from the speaker travels through the fiberglass for unwanted sound.... the foam isolates this problem... setting the equalizer on the kenwoods is another chore in itself for the novice.... which I am...
  11. On both my cockpit cover and aft enclosure cover for my 330, there are these black plastic pulls which help get the cords around the knobs just below the aft sunpad when securing it in place. Where can I get a few extra of these?
  12. This is from a 330 I happen to see at a marina....
  13. Absolutely love our 330!!!! As with any boat, having a few minor issues but nothing that can't be corrected. Overall, great boat for the money, awesome layout and innovative design. We get a LOT of comments from people on how nice the boat shows. Everyone loves all the stainless, the dash, cabin layout and sun island! And for the size, it runs great! Hey Mojito!
  14. One of the best things you can do if towing with the cockpit cover snapped on is to run painters tape across the front of the cover which will preven wind from coming up under the cover and blowing it off. Preventing that wind from going under the cover will save you a lot of headaches and as someone mentioned stress on the cover and snaps. since you will get some air from the sides of the cover, don't ever tape the cover across the back of the boat. It still needs that area to vent out.... Since I've been using this method I've never had any issues with the cover and I've covered thousands of miles.... Good Luck!
  15. I would check the measurements on a frig of the same brand as your icemaker. I imagine they have a frig with the same foot print as the boat is optional with both icemaker and frig. Pulling it out and putting another in with same dimensions is easy retrofit.
  16. Great choice going with the 320, we really like the split seat setup. We came across a great deal on a 330 and couldn't pass it up. Boating magazine just had a write up on the 320 if you didn't see it. This months issue. With the sun lounge setup there isn't much room for a big NAME branding on the back. We just got our boat and haven't had it in the water yet, but the previous owner had it documented and the name was just below the lounge and letters were so small, not sure it was worthwhile. We removed the name and leaving it as is.
  17. I just purchased a Monterey 330 used and it came with 1 30amp shorepower cord. Should there be 1 or 2 30amp cords for this boat?
  18. Besides your tow vehicle, where you tow and how far you will be towing has a lot to do with your answer. I'm in Pennsylvania and it is hilly and we tow far. Under these circumstances, my advice is to go with no more weight than 80% of what the manufacturer recommends for your truck. They totally overrate truck pulling capacity when hills are involved. Both for getting up the hills and stopping on way back down. For persons that live in flat areas, you can go 100% weight. You can even go more but then you get into insurance issues, etc if you get into an accident. If you really tow far distances and have hills, go with electric over hydraulic brakes, AWESOME!
  19. If you have that port battery wired directly to the charger and it isn't charging, I might suspect the charger isn't working properly. Use a multimeter to measure what is coming off those two suspect wires. Disconnect wires from the port battery and hook to the multimeter then turn on the charger and see what you read. Your charger manual will tell you how many volts should be coming off those two wires, I don't want to say what you should be reading because some chargers vary their output voltage based on condition of battery. Normally, if you disconnect the battery the charger doesn't read anything and you'll get max voltage out. You could also hook two of your other charger wires which you know are charging batteries and hook them to the non charged port battery and see if the port battery gets charged. If it gets charged, again the 3rd charge bank of the charger may not be good. Bottom line, if your charger is going directly to the battery, should matter how the batteries are configured. Hope that helps some.
  20. Are you guys adding the chemical additive to your waste tanks? If not, it's going to be toxic. Anytime you flush, air is pushed out of the waste tank through the breather fitting on the side of the boat. If it's not treated, YOU KNOW IT. There are many products out there that you dump down the toilet and virtually rids of any foul odors... Thetford is one brand, there are many out there, some even come in citrus.... And it's very cheap.... Walmart, camping stores, you can find this stuff everywhere....
  21. Does anyone know the height of the Monterey 290CR when on a trailer? Measured to the top of the radar arch.
  22. I'd have to go with ice bin or trash bin.... If no drain plug, use a wine bottle cork to retain water, keeps cold longer.
  23. I've been considering the new 290cr 2008 model with sunlounge. Can you tell me what your thoughts are on the boat, likes/dislikes. Also, what engines are you running and some performance numbers. Planing time ok? Enough power? Any issues with listing port or starboard? We really like this model, just have to move our boat and come to an agreeable number with the Monterey dealer. For a 29 footer, they aren't cheap. THanks and really appreciate your time!
  24. I don't have hands on experience with either system. However, I will say that I prefer Volvo equipment over mercruiser. I have a lot of experience with Merc I/O applications since they pretty much dominate the market. Having researched the two systems you are looking at, I'd steer toward the merc setup for one major reason. The major difference between the two is the prop setup, push vs pull. Pull like the volvo is more efficient, however the BIG drawback for me is that the props lead the housing on the volvo and any debri that is floating in the water will inpact the props. Whereas, with the merc setup, any debri will first hit the housing and THEN MAYBE hit the props. The odds of debri taking out a prop on the volvo is MUCH greater than with the merc setup. For this reason alone, I'd go with the merc. And this is coming from a person that typically likes the engineering of the volvo better. Props are not cheap and a wrecked prop can ruin your day and if the prop takes a good hit causing vibration, it may take out of pieces if you don't catch the problem early enough... Good luck!
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