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  1. Hello Everyone! Summer is right around the corner- that means B.O.A.T. time!!!!
  2. The Mercury site www.mercurymarine.com advised a 21 pitch.
  3. Welcome to the family....How do you like the DTS??
  4. You have to order all parts from your Monterey dealer. Have a good one, Jessie
  5. Welcome A Board Lee...! Jessie here, 330 Sport Yacht, Florida
  6. Hey guys- the MOST posted magazine reviews on the General Discussion board. I opened them and the first page on some of them is blank. You will have to scroll down to get to the article itself. Looks like a pretty nice day boat. Probably a good choice for the Midwestern boater. Jessie
  7. Jessie

    Boat Names

    GO FINS!!! Too bad we didn't have Raven wings for supper last Sunday!
  8. I have seen Monterey in Boating Life, Trailer Boats and MotorBoating.
  9. Hey there Lou, The 322 was replaced in the model line up by the 330 Cruiser...I know this because I traded up from my 322 to a 330 because I loved the layout of the boat. Hope this helps!! Jessie
  10. Jessie


    There are several Monterey's on there!
  11. That is a pretty boat...I have always liked the "style" of my Monterey boat, it makes me think of the bigger Italian yachts in the Mediterranean.
  12. The "pick up" is probably clogged up with debris. Do you have a Mercury or a Volvo engine?
  13. They were there the other day. I did not try to download any of them. Maybe somethinig was wrong and it had to be fixed...
  14. Check it out....the 256, 276 and 296 manuals have been downloaded under the product support section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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