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  1. I'm confident that you will find the diesel engines in a 322CR will be Volvo Penta D4's.
  2. Not alot of changes over the years, so this should get you started. http://www.montereyboats.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=83
  3. I will agree that the 5.0L is a good engine choice for the 245CR. It will do what it is intended for with little to no lack of power issues.
  4. Not terribly difficult to replace, but minimal gain for alot of $'s IMO.
  5. Yes, the "noise maker" as you call it, aka the horn is under that grill in your picture. Take the grill off, check that you have power to it with a meter. If you do, just replace the "noise maker" and re-assemble.
  6. Glad you made the switch to Monterey. You won't be dissapointed, the 302 is a great boat. Hope you have had a good summer so far on your new to you boat !
  7. What do you mean by a "Power Lever" ? Throttle control maybe ?
  8. MOST, any chance you can share what is in the works for model year 2012 ? Maybe a hint when we might at least hear about any changes/new models etc ? Like before FLIBS maybe ? Thanks for doing such a great job in helping all us Monterey owners !
  9. I would just use one battery while on the hook. So you have at least one battery in reserve for starting. It's also a good idea to have a battery jump pack on board in case both batteries are low.
  10. Amp410.... Is that you Duke ??? Nice choice of an upgrade from the Four Winns. I did the same thing, but to a smaller 282.
  11. That is called a window screen. If you have a Bowmar hatch, contact them for a replacement screen. It does not really offer any shade, just helps keep the bugs out when the hatch is open.
  12. In you picture, you are pointing to a thru hull,either for overboard sink discharge, or maybe A/C. not a light. The thru hull fittings are stainless, and may indeed have a rubber seal behind them. I would just replace the entire thru hull with a new one. You can get them from West Marine, Attwood, Wholesalemarine etc. If that is a light, I apologize, I have never seen a light that low on a hull, it would be impossible to see in seas of any height.
  13. I had a Volvo 5.7L engine in our last boat for 6 years. Always took 5 quarts with filter.
  14. There is very little performance difference between the Volvo DP and Merc BIII with similar engines. IF those numbers are correct, your performance would be similar. I doubt very much you will get 47mph at WOT out of the 282CR with 5.0L engines.
  15. Congrats on the new to you boat. The 180 is a great boat for inland waterways. You will really enjoy it.
  16. That looks sweeeeeet Dan !! I may add them someday myself. For now I went cheap and just swapped the arch light bulbs out for Blue LED's. They look great, but not as nice as your underwater lights.
  17. Try: Taylor Made Systems (Ameritex) 1900 47th Terrace E. Bradenton, Fla. 34203 1-941-747-1900 http://www.ameritexfabricsystems.com/
  18. Jared, Ameritex and the TaylorMade info I posted, are one in the same. That is the Florida canvas plant for TaylorMade.
  19. Many of the sump boxes are made by Attwood. You can get them direct, and they will even ship you only the parts you need. The whole box is less than $80 with pump. Might be easier to just replace the whole thing. If mine fails or breaks, that is what I will do. One source here. Attwood Shower Sump Even Walmart has them. Wally World Sump
  20. Monster Tower MT-1 Universal Fit is my recommendation. Several Monterey boat pics in the gallery. http://shop.monstertower.com/p-19-mt1-universal-wakeboard-tower.aspx
  21. On a 2000 302CR, I believe the canvas was made by Taylor Made. If you have the part #, call them and see if they can supply an original and reckognize the part #. Taylor Made Systems 1900 47th Terrace E. Bradenton, Fla. 34203 1-941-747-1900 If it's not Taylor Made, then I'm not sure who made it that year.
  22. With that engine and drive, I'm 90% sure the stock prop would be a 14.5" x 19 3 blade. If your RPM were within the manufacturer's recommended range with your current prop, you should be fine with an OEM replacement. A replacement for that size is a Michigan Wheel Vortex High Performance 3 blade prop # 992004. Or an OEM replacement Michigan Match 3 blade prop # 031065.
  23. What is the diameter and pitch of the 3-blade prop you have? What is the engine, sterndrive and horespower of your power package ?
  24. Yes. You will lose a little WOT top speed, but gain a bettr holeshot and pulling power at slower speeds.
  25. That is pretty much correct. You will lose some of your top end speed with a 4 blade, but will gain hole-shot and better for pulling tubes and skiing. The 14 x 20 4 blade is a good overall choice. I would recommend a 14 x 20 4 blade Michigan Wheel Vortex. Part # 992204.
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