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  1. our 282 did not have a forward bilge pump. Only in the bilge. I suspect your's is the same.
  2. Your float in your drive lube reservoir is likely stuck. Pull the wires from it and see if the beep stops. If so, order a new one. Common wear and tear item on Merc's
  3. You will need a harness similar to this. I think it will be difficult to tow a wakeboard, but tubes will be fine. Lot's of choices available. https://www.hayneedle.com/product/airheadselfcenteringtowharness.cfm?source=pla&kwid=SkiTubes level02&tid=KWI037-1&adtype=pla&kw=&lsft=adtype:pla&gclid=CjwKEAjw-LLKBRCdhqmwtYmX93kSJAAORDM6MnHVnPZKs-jQtlpjY-29_m-FZYpZliEDIsJcQTJoshoCLoXw_wcB http://www.marine-products.com/connelly-tube-tow-harness-5-8-heavy-duty-86000009.html?gdffi=a916d7fdab5c40aea123787c59f12eaf&gdfms=48981A9103334E68AF5FD56BA4C54C19&gclid=CjwKEAjw-LLKBRCdhqmwtYmX93kSJAAORDM6ry3fowNMqyBo6NJQTXREXaQKr4M3Yy8w_i5IajiVgBoCqd_w_wcB
  4. Good chance it is a Teleflex system. We had a 2005 282CR, but never had a reason to adjust anything. The slack can probably be taken out with a cable adjustment. No experience with it myself.
  5. Get in the water, have someone move the switches up/down. Observe if they move. If they do, you are fine. If they don't, you may need the rams re-built.
  6. Lift up maybe ? Many builders have clips behind them that just lift up to remove the panels.
  7. I believe these Perko lights will fit. https://www.starmarinedepot.com/perko-bow-light-bi-color-chrome-plated/pzz4446.html?gclid=CjwKEAjwj6PKBRCAy9-07PeTtGgSJAC1P9xGBhTUndsHs3xcc0WWeWY1hxHQsCDZeEjzkM-hRhdKDxoCjcPw_wcB
  8. Thanks for the follow up. Glad you are back on the water.
  9. Only if that option was ordered. If you have no sink, the switch is not connected or used.
  10. Get a : Michigan Wheel XHS Ballistic 14-3/8 x 21 RH 933521 SS propeller.(Will need a XHS 205 hub kit as well)
  11. Good advice that I have seen on another board before. Curious why a Shamrock boat owner is posting on a Monterey Boats owner's site ? Glad you felt the urge to share some of your knowledge. Whatever the motivation.
  12. It manually turns on your automatic bilge pump(s) You should check connection at the pump to see if it has power. If it does not turn on when hitting the switch, your bilge pump(s) may not be working. Potential dangerous situation.
  13. From the picture posted, it does not look like port lite trim, but rather windshield seal/gasket. If so, try here. Since they made your windshield. http://www.taylormadesystems.com/hardware/parts/walkThruParts/index.html If it is port light parts, this is your source. http://pompanettellc.com/current-catalog/
  14. Letter "D" in above picture........
  15. Look at page M-3 of the owner's manual. It shows all the switches on a 270CR. The one labeled "Eng. Rm. Lights" is the correct one. The switch is between the cockpit light and Bilge switch.
  16. Easiest answer I have ever had to give on this forum. Best place in the states for carpet. http://www.snapincarpet.com/
  17. Note: this thread is 2 years old, hard to say if the OP even still owns a 276. Good Luck with your's.
  18. Checking the manufacturer's website is usually a good place to start. https://www.pompanette.com/BigSummit/pomp.nsf/Marketing/bomar_catalog
  19. Whatever fits. Danforth type held our 204FS just fine.
  20. On Line boat ads. Boattrader, Yachtworld etc.
  21. Rip5

    M5 MSX

    Call a local canvas shop. Or order one from your dealer direct from Monterey. Those are your choices.
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