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  1. Volvo Penta does NOT recommend mixing prop sets. It will cause damage to the outdrive over time. What you need is a set of F4 props, that will be best for RPM, holeshot and life of your outdrive.
  2. A couple of choices. I prefer Garelick myself. http://www.springfieldgrp.com/products/grills-and-tables/table-mounts http://www.garelick.com/Stowable-Deck-Table-Hardware
  3. Direct from Factory, must be ordered by a dealer for you. No clue on Cost. Guessing between $250 and $610.00
  4. I have never mixed the F series props. And, I would suggest that you do not either. You should change the complete set.
  5. There is no such thing as an all encompassing parts manual for your boat. You can down load info right on this message board. Such as owners' manual, etc.
  6. You can measure yours', then go to the manufacturer's website and find it.(Not Monterey) From there, just do an on-line search for best price and delivery. Easy, Peazy Our 282 did have the manufacturer on the hatch (Bomar I think) but, we sold it several years ago and am a little fuzzy on some details.
  7. You have more issues than HP if you only get 40mph at WOT. Should hit 50mph easily. 51.3 with a 6.2L (largest offered) Read this article/test on the 234FS/FSX. Then start looking for a Monterey with a Big Block already installed if 50mph is not fast enough. https://www.boats.com/reviews/go-boating-boat-test-monterey-234-fsx/
  8. 5.7GXi will fit. NOT a drop in and run. You will need additional parts. So, is a 10K+ out of pocket expense for the motor, and another 1 or 2K for installation worth 7 -8 more mph ? If so, check with DougRussel, they have motors. To me, it's a complete waste of money, buy a new Monterey with 8.1L.
  9. I would almost bet, that knowone on this board actually owns a 360 SC. Check the owner's manual first, then ask your dealer.
  10. Here is a personal review from a long time Monterey owner (He now owns a 330SY) My experience with my 270 was and is AWSOME (knock on woods) I took delivery of my 2005 leftover on May 2006. As of today, I spend 73 hours on it, without A SINGLE problem. The boat handles waves very very good, goes on plane with 6 people on board with no problem, I have the 350 Mag.BIII 5.7 and it is not underpowered with that engine (at least for me). The boat is fully loaded, except for the Genny. If you are going to order one, a 5Kw will fit from factory, otherwise, a 3Kw will fit but batteries and water heather will need to be moved to balance the weight. The exterior look and interior are very well designed, you can stand on your cabin (I am 6 ft tall) Mine has AC and Heat, Water heather, transom shower, vacuflush, remote spotlight, windlass, tv/dvd combo, sirius radio, of course fridge and cooler, pull-up cleats, copckit cover and full camper canvas, dock water connection, sink and radar arch. When I get my deal, I included on the price fixed GPS w/carthography and later on I add the satellite weather. My dealer, took very good care of my delivery, with fast and prompt reply/service when needed. What else can I tell you, I am a proud and happy Monterey customer, and for sure Monterey will be my next boat. Answering your question about docking, I had a Maxum 2400 SCR before, year 2000 and it was real hard for me to dock that boat, I had the Alpha I configuration, single engine, single prop. I have the dual prop right now and anchoring my boat is really, really easy to do it, with crew on board and even without. On a calm day, no winds, no current, not a problem, I tried also on a 30 knot wind and I really was impressed of how I get into the dock. IMO it's a great Performace Cruiser, you have space to fish if you want, by lowering the transom seat, you can tube or sky also if you want, has a good size integrated swiming platform. Another brief review. http://www.usboattest.com/boat-guides/express/2008/monterey/270-cr/6786/2008-monterey-270-cr.html Enjoy your 270CR. Plan on lot's of upkeep for the dark hull sides if you slip the boat.
  11. Uhhh, he was looking for a cooler, NOT a refrigerator 2 years ago when he posted this.
  12. What model boat do you have?, what year is it ? That would be helpful information, since many of us no longer own a crystal ball.
  13. Way off. Get a : Michigan Wheel XHS Ballistic 14-3/8 x 21 RH 933521 propeller Had same prop on my 2011 204FS with 5.0L V8 and Alpha One drive. Awesome performance and holeshot.
  14. Some can replace screen only, others you need the whole assembly. Depends on what series you have. https://www.pompanette.com/BigSummit/pomp.nsf/Subsites/bomar
  15. Check McMaster Carr
  16. Looks like my wifes' spring cleaning included the boat folder. So, I can't help, but you can get the same info from Monterey customer service if you get the right person. Check with them first. I did not use anyone, as my canvas was in great shape, and never needed replacing. It was factory.
  17. After the 90 degree turn, they now fit correctly ??????
  18. The 'proper" cushions have maybe 3/4" plywood backing that supports the cushion when in correct position. And yes, you had me spinning, and rotate them 90 degress as Sophie says.
  19. You have both cushions in the well 180 degrees off. How would they be supported in the center of the well as you have attempted to put them in ? Answer, they would not be, because there are no supports for the cushions, only "the lip" that surrounds the well supports both cushions once inserted in the correct orientation. Turn both cushions 180 degrees from your picture. If they don't fit, PO may have had larger cushions made, and never used the mid berth.
  20. Had a 2005 282 for several years. Cushions off the seat backs fit like a glove. Remove Port & Starboard seat back cushions, place in center of mid berth. Done. We slept there rather than the V-berth as it was darker and more comfortable. Not sure what could be your issue.
  21. I would not use just lag screws for the reason you mention. Thru bolt with backing plates would be best.
  22. I had the 5.0L in our 204FS. It was an excellent engine for that boat, fast and good out of the hole. I have a buddy that has a 2013 224FS, and he has the 5.7L and loves it, he says any less power in that boat would just be adequate.
  23. Wires go to where the factory location is for Macerator and TV. They are pre-installed at the factory. Just trace them to find their final location.
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