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  1. Best way to fill is turn on the dock hose water supply and fill the water tank. To get rid of the water, turn on all faucets until the tank is drained. For the waste tank, have it pumped out at a local marina.
  2. Not positive, but I believe it is a check valve/backflow preventer. I see it has a description and part number on it, but I can't read it from your pictures. I would search for that part #. Also, these Attwood heaters are the same that are in most RV's. Any RV store will have one. Get the metal/brass one instead of plastic when you replace it.
  3. You NEED to run the boat at WOT occasionally, to insure you are getting the correct RPM with the prop you have. You can do more damage to the engine if you are over or under-propped. WOT run's occasionally will confirm RPM is correct.
  4. A 4 blade prop would be my first suggestion. 2nd I would look into Smart Tabs rather than full tabs (Bennet or Lenco) on that size boat.
  5. To drain them, just turn on the faucets. To use them, fill them from the Water inlet, and make sure there is no left over antifreeze from winterization. I would not drink the water without some kind of filter installed in-line.
  6. 2.7 is a very odd size. Not sure if one is even made. We replaced our Isotherm fridge on our 282CR with a new CR65 from Defender. It was a plug n' play install, took 15 minutes. Just measure your fridge dimensions once you pull it out from under the galley, and buy one with same dimensions. Easy to do, but expensive to buy.. www.defender.com
  7. It's common on MANY boats, not just your particular Monterey. Our Four Winns cruiser had it set up the same way. It's not really crazy, just not ideal for ease of emptying. It's done that way, so some schmuck with no clue who poured old oil, or something nasty down his sink, it does not go into the surrounding waters. It can then be pumped out of the holding tank with no fear of environmental damage. If you just have soapy water in your sink, then just re-route the line to a thru hull and send it overboard.
  8. Pre 1999, many of the Monterey records/files for their boats were lost in the fire, so specific part #'s may be difficult to find. A local canvas shop can make it to fit exactly, and be cheaper than from Ameritex.
  9. Welcome Epiphany !!! Small group here compared to the Chap site, and sometimes slow to get an answer. Generally, your Monterey dealer can order the LED's and mirror from Monterey. Rare occasion that you can find identical mirrors for a 400SY at a web based retailer. Enjoy your beautiful new boat !
  10. Brand and displacement of your engine would be a help.
  11. Enjoy the winter boating season !!
  12. Probably an Attwood 91581 220V-1500W will be what you need. Common heating element in boat, RV (Caravan) water heaters. They are about $30 US
  13. Brand would help. On our 2005 282CR, our reverse cycle unit was made by Marine Air. You might check their website for troubleshooting tips, etc. Also to see if you can verify if it is a Marine air unit or not. www.marineair.com/international
  14. Floor mounted or side mount ? Garelick makes both kinds that will fit whatever you had originally.
  15. Probably a 36 quart Igloo. Measure you space, and go get the one you like that fits.
  16. What brand is the head you have ? Very few have been discontinued, and newer models can easily be adapted to fit your boat.
  17. Most likely, stock prop was a 14-1/2 x 19p 3 blade aluminum. A 14-1/4 x 21p would also work, depending on your WOT RPM.
  18. Congrats, you will love the 204. We are on our 3rd season in our's. Standard stereo (if Fusion) is waaay better than most stock stereo's.
  19. Rip5

    Boat Names

    Overly common name for a boat IMO. But if you like it, that is all that really matters.
  20. Yes, original vinyl will be impossible to find. Just get something you like, and have it re-done professionally, unless you are a former seamstress/upholsterer.
  21. Have you cleaned (with a vacuum) the filters ? If they are even the slightest bit dirty, the A/C will struggle to cool the boat. But, if you could not hear the compressor running, it may be something else. Yes they can be serviced, parts can be replaced, etc.
  22. Your manual has suggestions from Monterey on what to use. Fantastik is listed. Then follow with a good UV protectant like meguiar's.
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