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  1. Check hose to thru-hull fitting. Might be clogged, or not connected.
  2. Just order the same length/type from West Marine or another on-line distributor. Same thing, and cheaper than ordering from a dealer.
  3. What "measurement's" are not correct ? Maybe fabricate one out of Un-obtainium.
  4. Here are a couple sources. https://newwiremarine.com/marine-grade-switches/marine-rocker-switches/ https://www.go2marine.com/category/13154/toggle-and-rocker-switches-for-boats.html If all switches went out, it's probably just a fuse or breaker.
  5. Cleats for Monty's are made by GEM. http://www.gemlux.com/catalog/deckhw-cleats Decals are ordered through a dealer only. If no longer available, you are pretty much out of luck.
  6. That is not normal. Can't say I have ever seen that before. Have your dealer look at it, it's worth a look.
  7. No switch for automatic. If batteries are on, it's "automatic" Providing your float switch is operational.
  8. One of dozens.... https://www.soundproofcow.com/soundproof-a-space-restaurant-office/soundproof-a-car-compressor-boat-pump-or-other-equipment/boat-soundproofing-2/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz6_Lw47M2wIVxFmGCh2GsAuTEAAYASAAEgLdKPD_BwE
  9. Have your batteries bench tested. Check for corrosion on terminals and starter.
  10. Tapping gauges is nothing new. I have done it for 20 years off and on with 5 different boats. Likely nothing wrong with your ground, tap away, and go boating!
  11. Spectrum Color MONTEREY 2017 PACIFIC BLUE F5518087K PATCH PASTE KIT
  12. No limitations, just noise when open. Not much gain in speed at WOT when open.
  13. The 322 has 18 degree deadrise at the transom, not 17 degrees. I have been on two 322's on Lake Michigan (where we boat) and the 322 is totally at home on the big lake. It takes the waves better than my friends' 320 sea Ray, and has a very smooth ride. Some info and a link in this post.
  14. I answered your question a month ago. Please look at your previous posts, and the reply.
  15. Your question has already been answered in another post.
  16. That is why there is a link provided. Those are OEM
  17. Did you look on their website ? http://standardhorizon.com/?cmd=showMarineManuals Did you call SH and ask for a pdf of the manuals you need ?
  18. You will have to order through a dealer. A less expensive alternative, and same quality (less snaps installed), try SnapIn. Excellent company. http://www.snapincarpet.com/products.cfm
  19. His is a 2005. Owners manuals can be printed right on this forum (PDF)..... look.........
  20. Get the 350HP. The 300HP is just adequate, nothing more.
  21. Your best solution may well be, buying a piece of non=skid starboard, trace your old hatch, and cut a new one yourself. easy. https://www.boatoutfitters.com/material/plastic-sheet/king-starboard-anti-skid?gclid=COy6lvOZ9dYCFQ1YDQod0cMNKw
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