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  1. You neglected to mention what sterndrives you have. Volvo or Mercruiser. that will make a difference in what props to recommend. If it is Alpha 1 or Sx sterndrives, high probability you should have had 14.25 x 19p 3 blades on that boat.
  2. Remove blade from arm. Measure blade length Take said blade to Camberly Auto Factors They may just have a similar blade that will fit the arm you have. They are not much different than auto blades, just some odd sizes sometimes.
  3. Measure the diameter of the "hole". Can be ordered from many marine stores online.
  4. Ooops, I guess I should read the title of your post.... 2006 180FS. Sorry about that. But I do think Faria made the gauge. Depth gauge in this video of a 2006 180FS is a Faria, just like I had on my 282CR and on my current 204FS. May be the Faria Kronos DSO131 for the model # . Or try this link. Faria Depth Sounder IS0091F Operating Inst.pdf 87.1KB
  5. Check your manual, it may explain it there. Likely a Faria gauge and transducer kit. Theses were on many Monterey's Faria, Kronos DS0131. Faria Depth Sounder IS0091F Operating Inst.pdf 87.1KB
  6. Not sure Clarion makes any marine electronics except head units,speakers, amplifiers. More likely your depth finder is made by Faria. Also , what year is your boat? What model ?
  7. Just measure the diameter of the mount, and order one from an online marine store. Garelick makes many of the tables, mounts and hardware for boat tables.
  8. Uhhhhh, you can look it up right here on this website. It's in the Owners manual section. 248LS Bowrider and Cuddy fuel capacity is 77 gallons........
  9. The exact information on LOA is in the manual . You can download that on this site. {url=http://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?showtopic=83] Here [/url} The manual for your 282CR is the exact same manual for the 322CR. It covers 250CR,270CR,282CR,302CR and 322CR. The LOA (same as "true length") for the 322CR is 34'2" and can be found on page M-3. Page M-1 shows how LOA is measured. Highly unlikely you can still get a product brochure. I have one from 2005 for our 282CR we owned. The brochure is of little practical use. All it contains is factory pictures of all the cruiser models Monterey made that year, and brief specs that can be found in more detail in the owners manual above. There is no one factory brochure just for the 322CR. The recommended engine combo is what ever you prefer. Always bigger is better. The 5.oL will be adequate, but the 5.7L would be preferred. There is no recommend HP for the BIII or VP/DP, just not to exceed 400HP per engine.
  10. You can try and contact the manufacturer for correct pieces and part #'s. Ameritex Fabric Systems 1900 47th Ter E, Bradenton, FL 34203 (941) 747-1900 Fax: 401-789-8790 Fax: 941-749-5000Or, contact customer service at Monterey. They will have the Ameritex/TaylorMade part #'s you need. When we had our 05' 282CR, I got the full canvas part # listing from Monterey, in case it was ever needed.
  11. The 8.1 gasser's are good engines, with the exception of known fuel pump problems on all Volvo engines in time. I'm sure you have read about the painted inside of the pumps, that peels off over time and caused pump failure. At about $1,000 per pump, it's not cheap to replace. So check and see if the pumps have been replaced, a 2006 is about due for failure. Thankfully the drives were replaced, you can't give a way a boat with the Ocean series composite drives on them. Dealers will not even talk trades if the boat has those drives. Based on what you have listed, I think you should be okay with this set up. Of course have the entire boat surveyed structurally and mechanically before you sign anything.
  12. No worries, the 194FS is the same as a 204FS. Some cosmetic changes to dash, gauges, etc. But the hull, layout, and dimensions are the same.
  13. Like this ??? Faria Signature Gold Voltmeter, 10-16 Vdc Item #: FAR 14505 http://www.boatersland.com/far-14505.html
  14. I think it's 45. Look it up here. http://boatinfo.no/lib/volvo/manuals/5057a-f.html#/162
  15. I agree, he hit something with the arch. Wind sheer from a passing truck is highly unlikely. Repair time seems too long IMO. Hope you get it back before your boating season is over. Good Luck !
  16. That looks great !!! Good choice in color too!
  17. Monterey would likely not "produce" these stickers. They probably buy them from an approved vendor in large quantities. Stickers like these, do not stay on each model year for very long. A couple of years only I suspect, so for the same sticker to be on 2013 boats, 10 years later, is questionable.
  18. You will both embrace the switch from Sea Ray. We had a 282 for our last boat, and it was best in class for it's size, without a doubt.
  19. Rip5


    I would suggest a long tape measure. Not a lot of archival information available from Monterey previous to the fire. Maybe you will get lucky and another owner has that info for you. Measuring might be quicker and easier.
  20. What model/brand stereo do you have in your 233 ? Kenwood ?
  21. You will likely have to buy the longer lengths online, or preferably through a dealer. The dealer can get the exact width and color that is required.
  22. Did not have one of those in our 2005 282. It may have been added by previous owner. Might have to wait for power to test it out and see what it is connected to.
  23. Local canvas shop may be you're best chance . It's worth a try to have your dealer source the original part numbers from Monterey. It may be http://www.taylormarine.com/canvas/] ( Ameritex.) On our 2005 282CR, I had a complete parts list that listed the canvas part numbers for everything on the boat. Transducer should be near centerline of the boat, possibly in the bilge. Not positive on the 302. Connections at the gauge Okay ?
  24. Local canvas shop is your're best chance . Otherwise, have your dealer source the original part numbers from Monterey. It may be http://www.taylormarine.com/canvas/] ( Ameritex.)
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