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  1. http://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?showtopic=2011
  2. Your closest Montery dealer can order them for you. (Same as what MOST would tell you)
  3. You will never be sorry you had more horsepower. The 350 mag's will be fine if that is more within your budget.
  4. Welcome ! Generator, likely was a Kohler originally. Measure your area, compare with Kohler specs and see if it will fit. That will be about $5K to $7K to get installed (roughly) Unless you are very handy at boat building, this is a job for a professional IMO. Camper Top- for that age of boat, it will be unlikely even Monterey would have original part numbers. So really, your best bet is to have a canvas shop make you a new one with supports and fittings that you want. That will be close to $2,500.00 to have one made. GPS. Measure the area and depth. Look for a flush mount GPS that will fit the space. Garmin makes some good ones. About all you can do. Radar would have been mounted on the arch, IF it was even available from the factory that long ago on a 276. It's about the only place you could mount a dome. Good luck with your projects, and keep us posted how you progress.
  5. Try here . Scandvik makes quite a bit of the marine fixtures in boats. Or here Hope you can find what you need.
  6. Uhhhhh, the 298SC only comes with twin engines. He will not be underpowered with twin 5.7's.
  7. You have only 3 choices. 1.) Order through a Monterey dealer 2.) Have a local canvas shop make it for you. 3.) Order it from the manufacturer. http://www.ameritexfabrics.com/ I have all the factory part #'s (Monterey and Ameritex/TaylorMade) at home for the 2005 282CR full canvas if you need them.
  8. Do not have the dealar/broker mechanic do the engine check. Get an independent mechanic. Have the written offer subject to satisfactory engine test, hull/structural survey, and sea trial in the spring. I bought all 4 of our boats in the winter, and had those same conditions before we signed anything.
  9. You may need Kenwood removal keys that came with the stereo. See page 29 for the key picture and page 32 of this manual. on how to do it. (The keys are the same for many Kenwood models with detachable face) http://a248.e.akamai.net/pix.crutchfield.com/manuals/113/113kdcx491.pdf I would suggest replacing it with another Kenwood HU, as you may be able to use the existing wiring harness and be plug n' play. Maybe this unit would work for you. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_65892_Kenwood-KDC-BT555U.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid_search&utm_campaign=paid_search_google_pla&scid=scplp3797861&gclid=CIragsXkjbwCFcI-Mgod0xYAcg
  10. What model/brand stereo is currently in your boat ? What requirements do you have for the upgraded stereo ? Bluetooth, Mp3, USB?Video? Adding an Amp ? Subwoofer ? Using stock speakers or upgrading there too ?
  11. Thru hull exhaust ??? Got any pictures of how it looks ??? Glad you are enjoying your Monterey.
  12. 14-1/4 x 17" would be the right choice. I would get aluminum props to save on cost. The 282 is a heavy boat for Alpha single prop drives. It will not pop up on plane all that easily , especially with a full load (but what is that ?) You will get better hole shot with 4 blade props, but would have to lose some top end speed if you went 4-blade. Our 282 did great with 4.3L (220HP) V-6 and the Bravo III drives. The 282 really needs the duo prop drives to assist in planning. Good Luck.
  13. You may be able to find it's location in the owner's manual. Here The fuse block on many bowriders is often located under the helm area.
  14. You have already checked the manual's section of this website I assume. http://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?showtopic=88 Not a huge difference in the 218 over the years. The above manual should tell you quite a bit.
  15. Also, GEM made much of the hardware that Monterey uses on their boats, you can also check with them. http://www.gemlux.com/catalog2010/latches
  16. You will have to replace the entire hatch. The fan is aftermarket I'm pretty sure.
  17. Southco makes almost all of them for many builders. Search their site, and you should find what you need. Worst Marine also carries many of their parts.
  18. Good luck finding just the hinge. Try Bomar or Lewmar. Likely made by one of them.
  19. TaylorMade likely made the windshield. Call them. The arch would have to be ordered through a dealer, IF it can still be purchased. Your best chance is to try and order both through a dealer. If they can't get them, then it's a salvage yard only. And the 298SS was not exactly Montereys' top volume seller, and a 2007 is not that old, so salvage parts could be very difficult to find. I hope you got the boat for a song, since these parts you need (if available) will be quite costly.
  20. There is a replacement Binnacle made by Mercruiser. You should just buy the same model you have. That way you do not have to change any cables. Fairly easy to look up on the internet based on what drive/generation and engine you have in your 262.
  21. If you are not planning on trailering the boat with the mooring cover on, a "decent" fit would be just as good as a "perfect" fit IMO. You can also look at the different years of your boat model, and see if there are any significant differences between your 03' and other years. I suspect not much difference in overall hull design.
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