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  1. Not the same motors but I found this a while ago......it should give you a rough idea
  2. My boat did not have quick disconnects and because I have the Gen III cool fuel module, access to the bolts is very difficult. Removing the whole pump was a better option for me.
  3. If your at 180 your fine. I've got twin merc 5.0's and one motor is right around 170 at cruise, the other one is closer to 180. Been that way since day 1.
  4. Humm, not sure what's happening......I'll post the link again. If that doesn't work, try pasting this "youtube.com/watch?v=eZYJq746awc" with the "www" in front.
  5. Hmmm, I've got it set to public. What type of errors are you guys getting? Go to You Tube and search for "Bravo III Sea Water Impeller". My video is the Raw Water Impeller R&R. Let me know if it works. Dan
  6. So I change my sea water impeller today and figured I'd do a video. Hope this helps some folks out. http://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=eZYJq746awc&video_referrer=watch&ns=1 Feel free to ask questions if you need. Dan.
  7. Here you go.... 282CR Fuel burn
  8. I used to have a 250CR and had the same problem. A buddy of mine at our marina also had the problem. In time the seals go bad on the hand pump. On mine and my buddy's, replacing them helped but if I remember correctly, if you don't get them just right it won't work. Seems to me I had to redo mine a couple of times before I got it to work correctly.....wouldn't hurt to try the baby oil thing first though.
  9. I was interested in these because it would match my current gages just as you stated. Money is a bit tight and I was just going to buy 1 for now. Figured I would just double the number for total GPH. You can get them for $179ea on boatersland and I have not been able to find any flowscan gages for the same price. Feel free to pass along any info for the flowscans if you have it. I did contact Faria and they told me that these will not work on my boat if the engines have a fuel return. I have 5.0 Merc Cruisers but I'm not sure if they have a return. I'll have to check this weekend. Thanx for the tip, I'll certainly do some more research.
  10. Thinking about adding this to my 282CR. Anyone have any experience with this type of gage?
  11. I'm not sure about plug and play....I'm sure it can be done but would probably be a lot of work. The A/C-Heat unit goes under the forward facing seat in the galley with the drain slightly aft of that and the control unit goes on the cabinet above that. SeaCock and water pump are in the engine compartment, you'd have to run the water line forward to the unit. If you need pictures, I can take some next weekend for you. Dan
  12. Just noticed that you asked me a couple of questions.....looks like you got your answer's. Sorry about that, I had not checked this thread in a while. I'm sure it'll look good at night. Show some pics when you get a chance.
  13. Yeah, I guess that makes sense...I've always call it a mooring cover....LOL
  14. Here is a picture of my mooring cover. It was made by Taylor Made through my dealer.
  15. I bought the switches from oznium.com. I'm not sure how weather resistant they are. My boat is strictly used in fresh water and I allways have the full canvas on in inclement weather. I figured they'd be ok and if they fail, I'd just go find something else. I've got it set up so that they can easily be changed.
  16. looks good man. I got comments all summer long on my lights and now a couple of folks at the marina want me to help them install some this spring. That's ok...I'm looking to upgrade my boat so I don't have too much planned for it this year....just the addition of a 110v outlet near the cockpit table and changing my depth gage to one that has air and water temp.
  17. On my old 250cr, I cut some screen material and sewed some velcro on it. I then attached the other side of the velcro to the inside door opening. I kept the screen rolled up and when needed, I put it on the top and then just rolled it down and stuck it to the velcro. Worked pretty awesome. The only issue I had was while sewing the velcro, the glue kept messing up the needle and thread.
  18. I've been in contact with Hydro Turf and am waiting fo some samples. I might do this in the spring. Definately keep me posted if you do it also. Dan
  19. In 2005 I bought a new Monterey 250cr. In 2008, I bought a leftover 2006 Monterey 282cr. In my opinion, Monterey makes a very good quality boat. The fit / finish / syling is one of the things that I liked the most out of Monterey. I think you'll be very happy with the brand. Good luck and you won't be dissapointed.
  20. WOW, EXCELLENT idea. I also put the Hydro Turf on my Ski, definately going to look into putting it on my swim platform.
  21. Mark, Wish I could answer that. The picture is not from my actual boat, I just know what the AC panel looks like and grabbed a picture off the WEB. I would suspect that either one of the ends twists off or you need to pop the lens off.
  22. Black goes to ground, red goes to positive on your battery. The Mercathode is a system that provides automatic protection against galvanic corrosion. Good Luck, Dan
  23. I highly suspect the panel is a standard panel. If you have AC, the unit would be located under one of the seats in the V berth. Seeing as you can't get into it until spring, do you remember a panel similar to the one circled in my picture? If so, then you have AC. If you can't remember, take a look outside on the starboard side. If you see an drain outlet just above the waterline under the forward port window, you probably have AC. That drain is the outlet for the AC....conversly you'll have an inlet on the bottom of the boat near the stern.
  24. Yeah, your horn is behind there....or at least it's supposed to be . Open your anchor locker and you should see it.
  25. I have the same problem with both of my tach's but it's very sporatic. I just tap on them then they go down to the correct reading. I have heard of folks stating that issues with grounds...I have not done any trouble shooting on mine but MOST has mentioned before that there is a lifetime warrenty on them...Maybe they'll chime in. Dan.
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