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  1. I'm pretty sure all of your canvas is Sunbrella. Mine was made by Taylor and is Sunbrella material. You can got to their web site for info. They say to use 303 fabric cleaned then the fabric protector. I lean with those and after the protection I apply 303 UV protector.
  2. Try and get the numbers off of the back of the gauge then call Faria Co. They are n Norwich Conn. They had the exact replacement temp Gaige for my 2000 242 Cruiser. They will not sell direct to you, they will send it to a Westmarine near you and you buy it from them.
  3. I don't have docking lights and I don't know what the beam looks like. We in the Northwest use our night vision (or ram the dock)
  4. Search the specs of the engine you are going to have in your boat, or all of the engins offered. Pick the heaviest weight even if that is not for your engine. I would add 500 lbs. at least to the dry weight as a safety factor after you find the weight of the heaviest engine.
  5. Why not the docking lights? I saw an 80 footer that had nothing but LEDs and they were all super bright and very compact. He had a search light on the fly bridge that was aprox 6 inches square and it produced more light than my car's HID's on high beam setting. I changed all of my bulbs to LED and I'm saving a ton of power which has allowed me to stay on the hook an extra couple of days without running my generator to recharge.
  6. Look at the 3 way valve in your posted picture. Line up that valve so it pulls out of the tank to your pump. The waste will enter your pump, get chopped up and pushed overboard when you turn the pump on. If you are not the required distance from shore that you are allowed to discharge waste, lock the 3 way valve in the lineup where the waste runs from the toilet discharge line, through the 3 way valve and into your waste tank. If you do not have a lock on the valve and the Coast Guard or any other law enforcement officer inspects your boat and sees the valve is not locked you WILL receive a hefty fine. That pump will suck the waste from the tank. Go to the pump's manufactures web site or read the paperwork that came with the pump/boat (if you have it) and it should tell you if that pump can run if it is dry (no waste going through it) and for how long. You don't want to burn it up.
  7. Look at the backof one of the other gauges and copy the numbers you see. Call Faria in Norwich Conn and they can tell you what will match. They did this for me for my 2000 242 Cr. They will not sell direct to you, they will send the gauge to a West Marine near you and they will sell it to you. Do a search on this site for the cooler, I've seen a couple of posts as to where to buy them and their size.
  8. Go to Bennett trim tab's site they have a lot of info on these tabs. I have a 242 Cruiser and it came with this co. tabs. I was going to upgrade a one size larger so I could remain on plane at a slower speed but I'm 1/2" short on space to install them. Let us know how you make
  9. Congrats! Glad you found and repaired your problem. You just saved yourself some boat bucks to be used on something else for your hole in the water!
  10. Not sure why a sea trial can't be done unless the only areas are lakes that are frozen over. I had a complete survey done on my 2000 execpt a mechinal survey. This was in the month of Feb. All went well. We took the boat to the Columbia river and found the water pump was bad. The hull surveryer came along and listen to the engine as I took it up to full RPM's and speed. The tailer tires were all weather cracked and one of the four treads fell off. There was one wheel that had a bad bearing. Before I would buy the boat these things had to be fixed and the owner did fix them My 2000 5.7 GS doesn't have an hour meter so I have no idea how many hours are on the engine. You say the engine you're looking at has 70 hours. That's not many hours on a nine year old boat. Living in the Northwest boats get used, even the larger 32' and up boats, I'd say more than 75 hours in that amount of time. It's your money, how much would it cost to repower this boat? Having just one 5.7l engine in a 29 foot boat, I'd think this is a bit under powered.
  11. Welcome. Nice looking craft!
  12. I can't help you either but I have the same boat only a 2000 year model and I would be lost without my extended swim step. If it were me, I would look for another slip and leave the swim step alone. Good luck!
  13. The heat exchanger tubes have to plugged or restricted. If you're pumping water and what you see may not be the full amount that you should see.
  14. No they don't have what I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. That fan is a spendy item too. I researched a fan for the hatch and found two made by the same company. One rotated in just one direction and the second was able to change directions. Great item for hot climate areas.
  16. Try www.grandermountain.com and do a search for latch and see if the one that is listed for bomar iswhat you're looking for.
  17. If your talking about the forward large hatch with the screen either round or square, it's made by Bomar. If you're looking for one of the dogs that secure the hatch I'm not sure if that can be fixed if it is broken. Do a search for this item, there are several posts about the dogs and the material that the hatch is made out of.
  18. I need the part number or company that I can purchase a cabin door latch for a 2000 242CR.
  19. I have the old fashion you pump it, no filters in the system head. I had an odor problem and I tried a few of the different chemicals that you add after you pump the tank out. I used vinegar, placed into the bowel and the tank, at least a gallon of it and left it there and used the system until it was time to pump it empty. The vinegar did the trick for me to take the odor away. Bleach has cholrine and that could cause a chemical reaction and I didn't want to trust that. I had thought of addng a vent filter but the vinegar did the trick and is cheaper and easier to use than buying filters and the time/trouble to replace them.
  20. Aprox. 2.5 miles per gallon at 23 mph in salt water with 5 to 10 mph wind and 2 foot swells. Picific Ocean. Hull speed is aprox. 6 mph and the burn is aprox 6 to 7 miles per gallon with no wind and 1.5 to 2 mph current in fresh water, Coulmbia River.
  21. Look at the backs of the other gauges and copy a couple of numbers from them then call Faria in Norwich Conn and see if they still make that model.You'll have to go through West Marine to buy them' Faria won't sell direct. I went through this with my temp gauge.
  22. There is a chart on here that tells you the color for your year. It may be ash.
  23. Press the set button and read the the screen. Use the up and down arrows to set depth ect. When you are finished leave the buttons alone and the unit will return to ready to operate.
  24. Contact Taylor made and ask for a price and availability. There should be a tag with their info on one of the covers. They made them.
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