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  1. let ne see if i understand corectly Stoped engine starts to heat running drops..... Did you check the belt? is it the corect one and is it tuned?, after this is the temp sensor good?, maybe a bad sensor or gauge reading wrong, or just maybe you need to check with a connector to engine and see what is going on with the engine
  2. Im portuguese, let me try to understand a litle, what water temp? engine or water outside the boat? If is water outside boat is your engine running?, your engine send hot water trow the exaust to the water, so is hoter then really is, i have thet info on GPS, and that happens to, normally from 5 to 10 degrees, on my pwc also the same, if i turn engines off after a few minutes they read corect. Hope this helps
  3. Monterey change boats every year as far as i can remmeber, problably yours was upgraded to 218 ss for some reason
  4. ok You can search in Belgium for companies that replace boats, covers, seats covers etc..., you can pik up yours and try to give to them to remake a new one on base off the older. Also you can go for top oif the line in boat carpets and improve a lot yours, if need help tell me i can try to make a search or some call here in Europe
  5. ok try to take the unit out and see the plate and the seals, remember that mercruiser have specific screws, and need specifics tools to take it out, i see some people taking out and don´t use that screws, water will appear inside. The starter as far as i can see, in your model is under the engine, and connect to the engine wheel, so if water was inside, maybe the starter is full off rust. In that case, even a good repair is not enoughf, take it out, connect it to a battery and see if it goes up, and down, as you put 12v and take out the 12v,. to simulate the engine start. Also remmember that you engine could have a heater gas, this is to insert gasoline at the right temperature in the engine, mercruiser says that this part never get damage, that is not true, since is under the engine it can be also damage, if so is not a cheap part, i changed mine last year keep loosing water, this part is like a spring that use salt water, and in the spring goes fuel, salt water is around the spring, Also check the engine wheel, and see if it has too much rust
  6. wow, have you see any more damages?
  7. Hi there I drive sports boat since 9 years old starting with a riamar 5.35 m with 115 hp, from 1986, i see lots off boats in Portugal, like, sunsseeker, astondoa, cranchi, searay, baylinner, cobalts, chaparrals, crowlines, princess, bavaria, etc..... and off course Monterey boats. Well, montereyboats, are good boats, in Europe we compare MontereyBoats to sunssekers, the diference is the feets and the speed, i can garantee to you that Monterey boats have better top speed, and better performance on water, on turns, recovers, security etc.... My boat is a 278sc, with a 350 MAG, i can make it go to up 40 mph easy, in open sea on waves to 1, 1,5 meters, have no problems, the boat dosen´t jumpthat much, and can make a turn almost 90 degrees, it is scary but is very close to that, people behind can touch water on that kind off turn. I can say to you that frinds with cobalt with same engine is keeped behind. Monterey also use good materials, almost everything is top of the line, at least the way we have on European manufacturers. My neigbor on the marina have a cobalt 262 like mine all year on salt water, mine have 7 to 8 years old, his have 5 to 6, his gelcoat is black and is all burned out with the sun, mine seems like comming from factory, his Stainless steel is with rust every where mine is not. So off course have bad things to, but all i can think or remember is things mechanics or eletrical and have nothing to do with Monterey manufacturer, the only problem i had was water on cabin, and it turns out to be the rail rubber needed to take out, and i see some holes in the joint off the boats. the upper with the lower. Also the seats should have more quality, they burn on sun very fast, they turn some yellow in 3 or 4 years, even with clean experts products. But they are very good boats, the access to engine is very nice everyone can work there with no problem, etc... etc... Hope people can say more but for me is good manufacturer
  8. Hi there I recomend that y use some product available near you to put in the water fresh tank, i use some product to put in a spoon then mistur with water and add to the tank, on summer i do this 3 ou 4 times, and empty the tank almost every day because off the use, this product will kill everything on water and make it drinkable if you need, but i use it so any micros animals are killed and dont hang up with a tank full off this kind off things, 8 years never had a problem
  9. i dont know the manufacturer but y can call to the monterey dealer on belgium Poly-AL Kortrijksesteenweg 60 Deinze 9800 +329 386 3100
  10. hi there This year i changed mine, bought new kenwood marine radio and 2 new remotes http://www.kenwood.pt/car/marina/recetores/KMR-440U/ http://www.kenwood.pt/car/marina/acessorios/KCA-RC107MR/ http://www.kenwood.pt/car/marina/acessorios/CA-Y107MR/ and 2 cables http://www.kenwood.pt/car/marina/acessorios/CA-EX7MR/
  11. hi there It´s a boat, it suppose to have noise, and bigger the noise bigger the engines, bigger the speed etc.., there are some models that have the exaust not to water but to air like your car, that´s sound even bigger, but y can always call a dealer and asks to have that made for you, but be aware that y should garantee the corect air entering the engine, don´t close the air enters on the side off the boat, and use materials for boat engines, with low possability off ignition, remember that to much gases on the engine compartment and y have a really really bad day
  12. hi there You know that that is for sun, not winter ? on winter it should be closed i have a 278sc almost 8 years never had this problem, but they are made by Umbrella, see if y have anyone near you that represents umbrella and they can re ajust that for you
  13. check near the engine or is at the bottom on the boat, try to check the model and in the website off faria you have the mounting map so you can see where and how it was mnounted, it should be on a flat part of the boat near the engine or in midle off the boat see the website and check your model there for mounting to see if can helps you out https://fariabeede.com/2-pages/prod_display.php?calledGauge=2_depthsndr
  14. hi there that is a big drop, with full fuel and 8 peoiple y should get at least 28 mph or 24 y have a drop that is more them 50% yes take your engine to a volvo dealer to check that out, it can be a carb propblem, is or engine still with carburatuers? or is already injection? Maybe just a small clean on carbureteurs, fuel line checked, strokes checked, stroke cable check etc.. i dont have any really info on that engine, but it seems to big the drop just to be people and fuel
  15. hi there I see this on engines, it can be caused by a few things: 1º - cables badly mounted, from x to x hours mercruiser says that you need to changes the cables, i see one engine that the cable was badly changeded and let the cable near the exaust, so it enters in reverse and dosen´t come out from reverse... simple fix, change the cable again. 2º can be the transmission, now if this is the case, y have a problem a brand new can cost you about 5000€ so i think in US can cost about 3500$ and try to fix the transmission is a job that i don´t recomend because y can fix it and happens again 3º - it can be just a badly cable, or not proper mounted. So you should take the boat out of the water, take the bravo 3 out and check the cables first, replace them with new ones and try out if it was the case, y can see if the cable is damaged or stuck in somewhere during the mounting before buy new ones. After that taking care if not repaired then it can be the transmission Good luck let us know how it turns out
  16. Yes corect that is the transducer, or the wires connect to him. Like i said try to see on bottom off the boat, try to see where the wiring is going, or call directly to the Monterey and asks them, i dont see in myne under engine nothing there, i asked my mechanic if he saw it anywhere and he didn´t see it but says that in American boats it should be on the bottom off the boat or next or near the engine
  17. Hi there I have a 278sc and yes there is 2 water pumps beside the shower, in myne is located under the step to the cabin, i have a litle door there with the shower pump and bilge pump
  18. Wow that is not an easy answer. The trim is on up position all time, i see this on mercruisers engines but normally on yamaha old engines. There is something not telling the gauge where the columm is, there is a sensor for this for exemple the mercruisers engines since 350 MAG best block ever, have 2 position to pull up the columm i found on a boat that someone forget to connect the second part so the only way to pull the engine up for best performance was click to full up on drive and not stoped where it should and keep an eye on the gauge. so maybe y need to see this, check for manual installation off the engine and y will find this. The fuel normally is the floter stoped, maybe the boat is stoped a long time and the floater is in that position, y can try one thing put gas to full and see if the floater gets out off that position, if not, check the sensor on the tank, usually this is not a gauge fault. But y said on engine off it on that position? that is odd, maybe is passing some 12v eletricity to the gauge, or the gauge is really bad and need a new one, this is dificult to help without see the boat. The merc engines have a cable to connect to, for y to read the engine erros, try that one for trim and see if is any error recorded there, this cable is used only by merc dealers.
  19. I know that engine, there is some sensors on that engine, maybe is a faulty sensor, if all levels are correct and the gauges show everything normal, proprably is a sensor. Call a Mercruiser dealer with a cable to connect to the engine and read the error. I have this on my GPS, so if any problem occurs on the engine i recibe the info with the code and fix if available
  20. Hi there Sorry but no.... I had so many boats change so many engines and never see this there, because there is always water there with oil, garbage from cleanning.... 2. INSIDE HULL MOUNTING PROCEDURE Warning: In order to achieve proper results with this type installation, it is important that the transducer be mounted by someone familiar with the use of two part epoxy adhesives. For this reason, Techsonic Industries, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage due to the mounting of your transducer in this manner. NOTE: An Epoxy Kit (Part N. EPK) is available from Humminbird. This Epoxy Kit has been formulated for Inside Hull Transducer Installation. 1. Select as flat an area as possible near the aft end and center of boat where the hull is thin and not double. If the bottom has a runner down the center of boat, select an area to one side of the runner, but as close to the runner as possible See... center off the boat, not under the engine... this is a step 1 from installation manual procedure of Humminbird And check on my 278ssc there is no transducer under the 350 Mag only thing this the pump rest off it is clear so or is more on side on flat floor or behind near the trims oils but i think is more near the gas tank on center off the boat
  21. Sorry for late reply, This just look very nice now... Did y already take it to water? see any problems? note any diference? Did y try to desacelerate and go to top speed just to see the response? is it the same like before... if yes then nice work on the unit... I can give you a information you just have very lucky, problably your boat was placed with some boats that have good zyncs, the electricity on a marine water is very complicated, when your zyncs fails the only thing that can save your engine is the others boats have bigger zyncs and very close to yours so they pull out the eletricity and not damage yours to much. where my boat is the marina have this problem all boats complains about this and year after year is getting worst to a point that on some places off the marina some boats like 44 feet change from 2 to 2 months, so they use zyncs on the columms where the boat stays under water like 16 meters under to pull the eletricity out. This is galvanic eletricity, i think this is the word in english, i´m portuguese so my english is not the best now don´t forget to change them again hahahha
  22. Hi there Transducers are placed on the bottom off the boat, before you go to there, try to see if is not the gauge itself... maybe a connection from behind is faulty.. can you see any numbers when you set parameters, does it show zeros when y start the engine or something like ----- or like -.- If is a Hummimbird it problably mounted on inside the Hull if this is from factory Hope to help
  23. Hi there I don´t know the spare part number or manufacturer for wheels in Monterey.... But here are some thoughts I make a renew on a celebrity boat 220cc and change all front to brand new systems, I use Mastervolt system on all boat, and by a racing wheel from Sparco, but i didn´t change the place where he was. So can you please tell what you really wont to do with some pictures so I can try to help you out do you mean by centering is to take all off, and open a new hole for the steering wheel more centered?
  24. Hi there Myne i have on the dashboard 2 monitors to see each trim tabs, off course y should see them working.... Best sollution take the boat out off water and check it, i think y can hear the electric system working, but maybe y have a problem with less oil on the unit, i don´t know the type off system y have, myne rectrat to the bottom off the boat, most off them are on the back off the boat not under it. see if y have on the engine compartment a oil system saying trim tabs, if y have see the level off it. I replace this year the trims tabs not the system never have a problem on the system so far. Best Regards
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