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  1. Trying a little spray of WD40. I replaced my horn with a set of duel auto horns. Much louder than the horn that came with the boat and much much less expensive.
  2. I would think it is located on top of your fuel tank. That is where my sender is located on my 2000 242 Cruiser.
  3. Let me know how it works out for you please thank you.
  4. What drone did you use to create the video? I don't own a drone YET and I'm really interested in them. I would like to see what my boat looks like on plane and I can see how I'm trimming the boat.
  5. Both of those videos are GREAT! What drone did you use to create the video?
  6. https://fariabeede.com/2-pages/products_marine.php Faria Instruments in Connecticut is the company that made the gauges for my 2000 242 CR. They will not sell direct to you but will drop ship to West Marine. I had one of my gauges replaced that way. I need another one, the volt meter. I went to their web site that I included at the top of this message to find the name of the trim that my gauge is to match the other gauges.
  7. Tap on the solenoids and see if they work. If they don't remove them and clean the prongs and where they plug into. I had the same problem and this is what I did to solve it. I also used some dielectric grease when I plugged them back in to keep the moisture and salt water out. Sorry you are not getting any help or much help here. Taylor made most of the parts like the windshield and they might help you out on where to get the canvas, I can't remember the name of the web site. Great Lakes Skipper is a site to check out, also RNR MARINE might be able to help with your canvas problem. I can't help you with the switches, my 2000 242 CR is different than your boat. Good luck!
  8. Put a waterproof bag into each and fill the bags with ice and beer! Mini Coolers!!
  9. If it were me I would try repositioning the support beams, that should take out the slack.
  10. I have a 25lb Bruce that works fine.
  11. Congrats! Glad you were able to find the switch and change the build and reset the breaker. You can always purchase a had label maker and install little labels above the switches so you can look down and be able to read what the switches do.
  12. Look for the switch around the helm area.
  13. I have a manual flush so I'm just tossing this out to you. Look for anything labeled Vacuum Pump. It sounds like you have a seal leaking. Try doing search for messages here, I've seen a few on vacuum flush problems.
  14. I did this and it works well. I have 2 house batteries and 1 starter battery but I can switch these over using my Perko switch so I can use the house batteries to start if the start battery goes flat. I also carry a Honda 2000 generator, mainly to run the microwave oven but for emergency starting and for extended periods of time on the hook. I'm able to fish and recharge while on the hook. I also added a "Qwik-Fill" on-board battery watering system that allows me to keep the batteries water level with it should be. My house batteries are hard to get to and a real pain to check the water level in the cells. This system allows me to squeeze a bulb filler and it fills all of the cells to the correct level. When you find it hard to squeeze the bulb, all cells are full..
  15. I have a West Marine BBQ and I mounted the pole holder in the swim step locker. I open the hatch and screw the pole into the base. The pole is between the steps when the steps are in the stored mode. Works for me. When we're done cooking I take the BBQ off of the pole and store it and remove the pole. Nothing to trip over. I don't have any holes for a rail and I wouldn't want a rail because I do a lot of fishing and crabbing and the rail would only get in the way. I guess you don't do much crabbing in Denver.
  16. Your dash looks as faded as mine. I have a hard time reading what switch is what. I think I'm going to use a label maker and make small labels to I can turn on the dash lights instead of the wipers
  17. On my 2000 24.2 everything is wired separate. There isn't a master plug. There's an access panel door right below all of gauges at the helm where all of the wires are located for the panel. Be careful when you raise the panel up, you may unplug some of the gauges. Turn on all of your panel lights just before you reinstall the panel to make sure you didn't unplug any of them. This happened to me and I didn't check before reinstall so I had to raise it all again and replug a speedo light connection. Good luck.. let us know how you made out.
  18. Looking at your posted picture, check the wires that are not hooked up to the horn. They look like someone added these. Could be one of the wires isn't make a connection. I would remove the tape and check the connection. If one horn works the other should too. I would solder the wires and cover them with shrink wrap.
  19. Rip5 is correct. I used it on the cockpit bulkheads and then used the companies Pro Polish to finish the job as the instructions on Buff Magic recommends and you won't believe how slick and how much the gelcoat shines now.
  20. You can download an owner's manual right here from this site.
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