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  1. If it is indeed the hatch itself, your only hope is IF Monterey still has the mold for the hatch. That age of boat it may no longer be available. Either way, you will have to have a dealer ask Monterey CS if they can still make one for you. If it is just the latch, GEM made most of the hardware for Monterey boats of that era. http://www.gemlux.com/catalog/latch
  2. No idea what it was intended for. Too small for a ladder, if you did not have an extended swim platform. We installed a pedestal mount there for a grill. It fit nicely under there. Use it for what works best for you, lines, tow rope, etc.
  3. - max. number of passengers - max. payload Should be on your placard. Most of the rest is in the manual. Here is for a 2006, which is about the same as your 2002. Make : Monterey Model : 302 Cruiser Model Year : 2006 Measurements / Dimensions Beam : 10 ft. 6 in. (3.21 m) Beam - Meters : 3.2 Beam - Inches : 126 Bridge clearance - Detail : 10 ft. 6 in. (3.21 m) Bridge clearance - Meters : 3.2 Bridge clearance - Inches : 126 Deadrise : 19℃ Draft [drive up] - Detail : 29 in. (75 cm) Draft [drive up] meters : 0.74 Draft [drive up] inches : 29 Draft [max] - Detail : 42 in. (108 cm) Draft [max] - Meters : 1.07 Draft [max] - Inches : 42 Weight - Detail : 10,700 lbs. (4,857 kg) Weight - kg : 4853.43 Weight - lbs. : 107 Length - Meters : 9.29 Length - Feet : 3 Length - Inches : 5 Length [over all with swim platform] : 32 ft. 10 in. (10.03 m) Length overall - Detail : 30 ft. 5 in. (9.29 m) Length overall - Meters : 9.27 Length overall - Inches : 365 Engine and Drivetrain Engine/s standard : Volvo Twin 5.0 GXi DP Fuel tank capacity - Detail : 160 gal. (605 l) Fuel tank capacity - Liters : 605.67 Fuel tank capacity - Gal : 16 Drive type : I/O Engine max : T-320 hp Operational Info Water capacity : 45 gal. (170 l) Holding tank capacity - Detail : 28 gal. (106 l) Holding tank capacity - Liters : 105.99 Holding tank capacity - Gal : 28
  4. I think that is about all you can expect out of the boat. RPM's sound correct. Tabs will help the ride and to level the load, no effect on top speed. The SX drive has more drag than an Alpha One, but changing that would be of little use as well. You will get better maneuverability and some efficiency with a duo-prop drive, but negligible increase in top speed, at the cost of thousand's of dollars. Enjoy what you have, and go boating.
  5. Warming up the engine has ZERO to do with getting on plane. Periodic WOT runs are recommended.
  6. Welcome ! We owned a 2005 282CR and really enjoyed it. Solid, well laid out, seaworthy boat.
  7. 23-24. I suspect your tach is not real accurate. 5400 rpm is close to self destructing that motor.
  8. Get a rail mount and put it in the centerline on the stern grab handle, like this owner did. Or, if you have a passion to drill into your boat, mount it on the starboard side behind the air vent and below the filler caps. For this location, a flush mount receptacle would look best.
  9. Not discontinued or replaced, just re-badged. LOA of both boats is 21'8". Thus the 218SS re-badge.
  10. This is a Ford vs. Chevy topic. Use what you prefer. Fact: your boat did not come new with synthetic oil. You can switch if you like. Your boat does not have cats', and synthetic oil is really overkill, since it get's changed at least once per year anyway. Or just use what is recommended Mercruiser /Quicksilver 25W-40
  11. You will have to buy the entire assembly and screen. Your's is older style. You will likely have to switch to the "Gray Series" in white. It will fit fine, just have different (less likely to break) locking tabs. http://pompanettellc.com/current-catalog/portlights/gray-series-molded-portlight/
  12. What prop do you currently have on the boat ?
  13. Contact Dometic and ask, since they acquired Marine Air from Taylor Made in 2003. https://www.dometic.com/en-us/us/products/climate/air-conditioners/air-conditioners-for-marine
  14. Can't remember what size the hatch was on our 2005 282CR. If it is 20" round , The part # is: NIBO N1139-10H-7W . Regardless if my size recommendation is wrong, The distributor is Bomar Pompanette Inc. (603-826-5791) and their web address is www.pompanette.com. You would have to order a replacement from the manufacturer.
  15. A dealer can get OEM carpets ordered for you. Or, use one of these highly recommended suppliers. http://www.snapincarpet.com/ https://www.corinthian-marine-carpet.com/products?product_type_id=1&gclid=CjwKEAjw--DLBRCN_bW36taJkhwSJABSMEduhW_7olP1cVA3oGQFTlu_gPPxrJ2KJknBfKWZgR3tbRoCdlLw_wcB You may have to trace your old carpets, make a template and send it to them. Also you may need to install the snaps yourself, but it will be cheaper than through a dealer.
  16. Storage. But not for anything specific. I would put extra dock lines in there myself.
  17. Our 204 FS was no louder than any other boat. You can add more sound deadening, but it will make little to no difference. It's a boat, and not a car, they just are noisier, that is just how it goes. But if you do add some, here is a link of what another boater did. http://www.smwebhead.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15610
  18. Order through a dealer, or have local canvas shop make what you need.
  19. Have you downloaded the manual ? I believe there is a picture there. But not 100% sure. There was on our 282CR.
  20. I take it the explanation is NOT in the owner's manual ?
  21. Attwood makes a replacement that will fit. Nothing special about boat gas caps and fitment.
  22. Not an option from the factory. You can apply Velcro to the door frame, then cut out a screen yourself that will fit.
  23. Most are AC only that I have seen installed. 120 volts.
  24. You picked the wrong shops to use. Local's are 15% lower than GLBT and 25% lower than through a dealer.
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