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  1. One horn mounted in the opening provided will be louder than two in the anchor locker. Neither will really be "loud" as they are not required to be. It may sound feeble, but the sound actually carries quite well. Go with the stock set up, and do not worry about it.
  2. There are no "shop manual's" for any boat, from any manufacturer's. There are wiring diagrams in your owner's manual. Download it here on the forum under "Cruiser Manuals", if for some reason you do not already have one. http://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?showtopic=82
  3. Typically, on a 250CR, the horn is mounted on the starboard side, above the rub rail, between the anchor roller and forward cleat, and they are a single element horn that can be bought at West Marine, or any on-line retailer that carries them. The horn below in the link would be a direct replacement for the boat. Much less than $60.00 http://www.iboats.com/AFI-Mini-Hidden-Horn/dm/cart_id.724452498--session_id.554372404--view_id.38076
  4. No there isn't. You have two stainless thru hulls on the starboard side. If you had the correct set up, you would have three thru hulls. You will have to add the 3rd.
  5. http://www.sea-dog.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search_string=HORN&x=0&y=0
  6. 87399A-2 You can find it just about anywhere. On line or at a dealer.
  7. I have seen the "bubble" type before. Don't bother. Go with the stock camper top from Ameritex. I have all original part #'s on file for the Ameritex/Monterey from when we had our 282.
  8. I am not aware of any installs of a bow thruster on a 250CR. Take a look at a side shifter thruster. No hacking of the boat needed.
  9. The struts are made by two companies in the US. So all you really need is to measure your current struts, and go to local auto parts store and buy replacements. There is nothing special about the struts used on the 322 as compared to a similar sized strut used on an RV.
  10. We ordered one for our 204FS when we bought the boat, it is in place 98% of the time. Nice addition. Highly unlikely someone has one just collecting dust. If you want one, have your dealer submit a Price and Availability quote to Monterey for one. Then you can order it through your dealer. I think our's was about $200.
  11. Only buy your hardware here. Best selection, and usually prices too. marinepartdepot.com Look under "Bimini Hardware"
  12. The correct name is Collinite. Expensive products that do work, but just wax it regularly with Meguiar's Flagship wax and you will not need to prep, apply cleaner, and then wax. Polish is not really any better than a good wax.
  13. Hard to find many, if any prop shops that let you try out props. Liability for them. Also, I suspect there are not as many prop shops to choose from in Sweden. Really need to know what prop size and pitch you are currently running. I would think a 17 or 19p would be a bad choice for your boat. Michigan Wheel Ballistic 14-3/8 x 21p is the SS prop I run. Fantastic propeller.
  14. Similar set up, smaller boat. Best 3 blade stainless you can buy is a Mchigan Wheel Ballistic. Probably a 14-3/8 x 21p. That is what I run. Plan on $400 for any SS prop.
  15. 6,000 to 8,000 BTU is adequate for that size boat.
  16. Don't over think this. Get the reverse cycle unit that came as an option with your boat, and call it good. It will not run efficiently off an inverter and batteries. Shore power is recommended. It will do what you need for that size boat. Heat can be an issue in freezing temps, as the discharge can and does get frozen when exiting the boat.
  17. Order through a dealer, or direct from Faria. Monterey won't sell to you direct, and you can probably get it faster and cheaper if you buy straight from the manufacturer, or Faria distributer/wholesaler.
  18. What you said is correct. leave as shown when on the hook or shore power. leave parallel switch off unless emergency start is required.
  19. You will have to go through a dealer to get that 2011 204FS dash. It would be special order, and thousand's of dollars. They did not change much since 2011, so a 2011-2015 should also fit on the helm side only. Port side has been changed a little over the last 4 years.
  20. Boat Build sheet = What was used to make the boat at the factory. Details on what options were added, etc.
  21. What year is your boat ? Have you tried going through your dealer ? That is your only chance of getting one.
  22. "Where do I find this plug?" Seriously ??? It's directly under the sterndrive, at the lowest point of the transom.
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