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  1. Sterling makes some sink's that may fit. Also check Scandvik Or measure your sink diameter and depth and see if one of these will fit. http://greatlakesskipper.com/boat-plumbing/sinks
  2. Your owner's manual will probably tell you how to do it. And where exactly the access point is located.
  3. Also, Product such as "Nidacore", "Coremat" and "Spraycore" are used by Monterey. These are product names used in high stress or top deck areas which tend to be thinner and need some additional internal support.
  4. We have the 5.0L in our 204FS. We do not do any watersports, but am glad we have the V8. The V6 should be fine for most watersports with a 14 x 20p 4 blade propeller.
  5. You can try going through a dealer, but chances are slim. Worth a try though. Monterey can't sell to you direct, only through a dealer.
  6. Most likely it was a 14-1/4 x 19p 3 blade. Possibly a 14-1/4 x 21p 3 blade, depending on what your max RPM is with a 19p.
  7. At rest, the boat may list to the side with more weight, as would any boat. Underway, you can compensate with trim tabs. I don't think it would be a real concern, as most express cruisers have aft seating in a U or L shape on the starboard side, and they do just fine fully loaded.
  8. Can't help with where to advertise it. I do wonder why you purchased the boat knowing it was too long for your slip? Is it a marina rule that you are breaking with the excessive length, or just not comfortable for you with the LOA ? Can you move to a larger slip ? You may also have difficulty finding a shorter ESP that fits your boat. It would likely have to be custom made and expensive. Good luck finding a buyer, hope it works out for you.
  9. I really love the 268 SS !! Possible next boat for us (after powerball win )
  10. Try these sites and match up what you see in the M3 http://www.pompanette.com/pomp.nsf/Marketing/bomar_catalog http://greatlakesskipper.com/boat-doors-hatches-port-windows/port-windows
  11. Bigpeat is giving you correct real world numbers. Boattest has been known to be off on their numbers many times. The 302 would not get that close to 2.0 mpg at cruise speed. Over 1.0 and under 1.5 is what to expect.
  12. They do work well, but the abrasive in them will damage the protective coating on your vinyl seats, and cause them to de-grade prematurely. So if you use them on vinyl, it's at your own risk.
  13. Your answer is right here on this message board. http://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?showtopic=1078
  14. What model is the generator ? Need to know that to source the correct impeller.
  15. You should have enough clearance on your cockpit floor to mount a base and pedestal table. You can also go with the side mount like we did on our 204FS. The table, leg and mount is made by Garelick. Quick 15 min install, and it stows in the swim locker out of the way when not in use. I did not want anything on our floor, or have to cut a hole in our carpet for the base and pedestal.
  16. http://www.replacementboatparts.com/scupperflapperkit56677.aspx OR.... http://www.lowcostboatingstore.com/TH-MARINE-FSRK1DP-FLAPPER-SCUPPER-REPAIR-KIT_p_7334.html OR... http://www.marineeast.com/a_sch/sch_det.asp?cid=09&pid=09_05 You can always just cut a replacement for the rubber part out of a truck tire inner tube too.
  17. Have you looked in the owners manual for their location ? The manual is on this forum, here is the link http://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?showtopic=80
  18. Your owners manual tells what type/brand of vinyl in your boat, as well as how to do routine cleaning,stubborn stain cleaning, and what type cleaners to use.
  19. The 86 gallons came from here: http://www.sdboats.com/images/delprince.htm And here is another, much closer to your number of 57 gal. http://www.boats.com/boat-details/Monterey-256/143195261 For a reference, we had a Four Winns 268 Vista for 6 years, fuel capacity was 80 gal. The sister ship a 248 Vista which is close in size to your 256, had a fuel capacity of 70 gallons.
  20. Just look up the owners manual on this forum, and compare dimensions. The differences will be apparent. My advice, buy the biggest you can afford. So you don't out-grow it in a couple seasons.
  21. We always took our cruisers to the sandbar, or shallow water, used a brush to get the growth off. Waxed in the slip, doing dockside first, then turning boat around to wax the other side.
  22. Saw a few pics from the dealer meeting. These new models looked sweet !! 268SS 217FSX 186MS 196MS And the 217 "Blackfin" Can't wait to see more !!!! Nice job as usual to Monterey Boats. The 2014 line up will be a HUGE success.
  23. As of today, no. New model year is upon us shortly, so I suspect you will see the 2014 line up soon.
  24. Your description is somewhat confusing. Volvo made the dreaded XDP drives. They are not worth even discussing. Walk away from any boat that has them. Volvo replaced the XDP drives with the Ocean X drives. Those are fine, but did not exist in 2005 when the boat you are looking at was made. So if you meant the boat has Ocean X Dual Prop drives, you should be fine, if everything checks out after a full mechanical and structural survey on the boat is done.
  25. It's for a transom wash down or sink, which is not offered in the 194FS. Ignore it.
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