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  1. Congrats on the new boat !! You will love it.
  2. Factory option on this brand boat, was $800. Works good, but cost prohibitive in my view. You can have a local fab shop make one for about $200.
  3. You can get them re-done. But it is unlikely that Monterey has a record of their vinyl supplier from 1994, since much of their records were lost in the 1998 fire. Your best bet is to have a local upholstery shop re-cover them. You can choose the marine grade vinyl you like, and have them do the work. I'm pretty sure that it will not be an option to have the factory do the work for you on that age of a boat.
  4. Your best bet would be to have them re-covered in the same or similar vinyl at a local upholstery shop. Even if they were still available through your dealer, the price to have them done locally would be much cheaper. We had the aft seat of our 2005 282CR recovered locally for about $85, and it was an exact match to the original.
  5. 2007 was the last year for the 298 SS 2010 was the last year for the 318 SS and SSX 2011 was the first year for the 328 SS
  6. There is no fairwater cap for your model DP drive. It's designed to be used without one.
  7. Actually, your question is un-answerable with the info you provided. The "best prop" for your boat depends on what you plan to do with the boat. Just cruising, pulling skiers, tubes or wakeboarder's. There are props suited to each of these requirements, but no one prop will do everything perfectly. The prop that came on your boat is ???? What are you looking for? Better hole shot? Top speed? Slow speed planing ability? What are your current RPM's at WOT ? Answers to these questions will give us a better idea of what to recommend.
  8. Yep, no adjustment on the DL's.
  9. When we had our 2005 282CR, the mirror above the V-berth pulled up from the bottom. There was storage behind it. Not an anchor locker, or access to it, just some small shelves (for shoes?) and other items. Not sure if the 270 had such a thoughtful addition.
  10. Good question. Hope someone can answer, I would like to know too.
  11. Rip5


    Monterey does not supply an anchor with their boats. You have to measure your anchor locker opening and get an anchor that will fit. We boiught an 8 lb. Danforth for our 204FS. We have no anchor locker so it get's stored under the starboard side front seat.
  12. TayorMade also uses Sunbrella. It's the maker of the fabric that the canvas and boot is made from. Westland and dozens of other manufacturers also use Sunbrella fabric. You can just take the bimini to a local canvas shop and have them make you a boot out of the same sunbrella fabric you have on your boat. It will be about $175 or less without the Monterey logo on it.
  13. These guys are also great, and I believe they have a template also. CUSTOM MARINE CARPET 1-877-SNAPIN-1 (1-877-762-7461) 423 N. 9th St. Niles, MI 49120 U.S.A
  14. Can be purchased at Home Depot. These LED's are damp location rated also.
  15. Never considered something like that, I would just fill some milk jugs with fresh water before you leave port and save your money for gas.
  16. You need to buy the CA-C1AUX or CA-C2AX adapter and plug that into the CD changer DIN connection at the back of the head unit. This receiver is compatible with the optional Kenwood KCA-iP500 iPod control interface. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_113CAC1AX/Kenwood-CA-C1AUX.html?tp=1672 http://www.amazon.com/IMC-Audio-CA-C2AX-Kenwood-Stereo/dp/B0031YD0AO/ref=pd_cp_e_0 I added the CA-C2AX to my Kenwood head unit when we had our 282CR. It worked great.
  17. http://www.ameritexfabrics.com/ This is the OEM for your canvas and boot.
  18. It's normal for the fuel pumps to whine. It is a high pitch whine that does not change pitch under load. If the pitch of the whine fluctuates, that is a sign the pump is going out.
  19. You need to have it open for A/C. And you can just leave it open when cruising as well. We only closed ours at winter lay-up.
  20. I'm pretty darn sure Monterey will not custom make it for a 1995 boat. They build new boats, not customize previous designs.
  21. Rip5

    Prop pitch

    What is C21? 21 pitch? We will need to know. 1.) What engine/drive do you have in your boat 2.) What is the engine horespower 3.) What is the drive ratio of your sterndrive 4.) What are your RPM at WOT ? 5.) What is the manfucturer's recommended RPM at WOT ? 6.) Is your boat bottom painted, clean from growth? That is a good start for now.....
  22. http://www.montereyboats.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=257
  23. Happened to me on our 282. There are two fuses. One inline going to the batteries, and one on the pump. Just replace those and hopefully you will be good to go. They are designed to blow the fuse first before any further damage may occur.
  24. Parts cost under $100 for just the gimble bearing. Are your U-Joints okay? Usually those need replacing when the gimbal bearing goes bad. Also it's a good idea to replace the cables while you are at it. You may also want to have the drive pressure tested for leaks. Hard to give an exact price without knowing if there is any other damage. But here goes.... Pull drive, pressure test, fill with lube and replace. $200 Remove gimbal bearing, grease and replace. $300 Time involved 4 hours at $90 = $360 Total could be anywhere from $600 to $900 depending on what else they find. I was quoted for new cables,gimbal bearing, u-joints,parts & labor $1200 for one drive. I did not have to have it done thankfully, as everything checked out fine after the drive was pulled and pressure tested. Good Luck
  25. You could always go to another gas dock with pump out, and see what adapter they have that fits, and go from there. I had to do the same thing when we had our 282. Marina pump out did not fit, so another gas dock had the correct one, and I got part #'s and measurements off that one and bought one. Can't remember the exact size now though.
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