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  1. Several varieties of cup holders to choose from here. http://www.iboats.com/Recessed-Drink-Holders/dm/cart_id.557553378--session_id.697814387--view_id.731312
  2. Volvo does not officially offer a reseal kit for the SX trim cylinders. With that said, OMC does offer a reseal kit which I'm told will work to reseal the SX trim cylinders as the OMC cylinders were virtually identical. The OMC trim cylinder reseal kit part number is 985060 (cost is $27.25 plus tax) compared to a new Volvo SX trim cylinder which is ($472.50 plus tax each). Get your manuals for engine and outdrive from this Seloc link. http://www.selocmarine.com/product_finder.php?Engine=8411
  3. What year 260 SCR ? Do you have an arch, hardtop, or just the bimini?
  4. Old thread, but since I will be adding a table to our new 204FS, here is what I am getting. Factory table is round, and I prefer the oval table. Factory set up is $450, this one is only $258 complete.
  5. Dan, The picture you posted is a cockpit cover. A mooring cover will cover the entire boat from bow to stern. By the way, the Taylor Made canvas division in Florida, is now known as Ameritex. If you want a mooring cover for the entire boat, I would suggest contacting either Fisher Canvas http://www.fishercanvas.com/ 415 Saint Mary St Burlington, NJ 08016 (609) 239-2733 They make outstanding products.
  6. I believe the seats do not have hydraulic cylinders, and do not have a height adjustment.
  7. Unfortunately, not someone I know. Just a picture I stumbled upon while researching the topic.
  8. This is an interesting custom install I ran across of a portable Honda genny installed in the "trunk" of a Four Winns 26 foot cruiser. Looks like exhausted is routed outside the area, but still not much better than one on the swinplatform.
  9. Cockpit cover would likely be made for your boat by Taylor Made in Florida. A full mooring cover would have to be custom made, I am pretty sure Monterey does not offer them for a 280 SCR.
  10. The Windlass was an option on your boat. Most builders pre-wire their boats, so if the option is ordered, all the wires, switches and connections are already installed. If you do decide to add a windlass, you will be very greatful that Monterey did the wiring for you. It is not a pleasant task to install everything from scratch.
  11. The $3,000 I mentioned was for a used gen-set, that was installed by someone who is qualified to do it themselves. Cheapest it could possibly be. Professional install, new gen set is more like the 6K you mention. IMO, it's not really worth it on that size of boat. Nice to have, but you will not re-coup that expenditure once you sell the boat. Seems to me the Honda is dong what it needs to for now. Stick with that and look at moving up to a 320SY. Boating is possible up north here, but our 282 is still in storage until first week of April. Changes are in store for us soon I hope. Have a deal in the works for a new Monterey, that hopefully will complete in the next week or two.
  12. Volvo Penta would prefer that you go through a dealer, but sometimes with due diligence, you can get through to someone at VP who can answer your questions. We are a supplier to VP North America and VP Sweden where I work. I do not have any personal contacts at corporate, but I will ask sales here if they can point me in the right direction, and let you know if I can help. For now here are a couple of links that may help. http://www.volvopenta.com/volvopenta/na/en-us/parts_service/Pages/parts_and_service.aspx Or write your question here. Volvo Penta of the Americas, Inc. Consumer Relations Support 1300 Volvo Penta Drive Chesapeake, VA 23320 Good Luck !!
  13. Gemlux is the supplier to Monterey Boats of their stainless products. It states in the owners manual of the Sport Boats how to clean Gemlux stainless parts on your boat. So, yes I would say they are good products. http://www.gemlux.com/catalog2010/cleats
  14. It is possible to install a generator, as long as it's footprint fits in the space you have. It's quite a task. You need to add thru hulls for exhaust, intake, electrical connections, fuel fill, also must be inspected by proper authority to make sure it is properly installed, and conforms to all USCG specifications. If you do this kind of work for a living, then you probably can pull it off. If not, leave it to a professional to install it. My guess is the gen-set and install will cost over $3,000. Is it reallly worth it ?
  15. http://bpi.ebasicpower.com/c/VOL8C/Gaskets+&+Mounting+Kits+for+Volvo
  16. You won't be able to find any skins for that year of boat. You will have to get the same vinyl, and have an upholstering shop re-do the seats and the logo from scratch. It will be pricey, but can be done.
  17. Reverse cycle Air/Heat in your boat will not work as designed if water temperature is too low. It will also have a difficult time cooling if water temp is too high.
  18. It will not run off battery power. You could install an inverter, but that makes no sense since you already have a generator.
  19. What engines do you have, Volvo or Mercruiser ? Both are GM blocks so should be in the same place regardless. Search mercruiser.com for your engines and schematics, or check the documentation that came with you boat.
  20. This is how a factory install looks on a 204 FS.
  21. Just about any Sony Marine head unit will work. It depends on what features you want. I would suggest the CDX-M60Ui. It has many more features, and can handle a wireless and a wired remote. http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&productId=8198552921665801217#specifications
  22. 175 to 180 degrees safely
  23. Yes, it is nothing unusual. Especially if you are in salt water. You can have a prop shop weld the holes to fill them in, then grind and polish the props and check on a MRI scanner to make sure they are at spec. Probably a couple hundred dollars per set to have this done. The pitting will not effect the performance of your boat hardly at all.
  24. Ooops, it seems in 2006 Monterey offered D3's. http://www.boatindex.co.uk/detail_power.php?id=8118&resultback=ODExOA== Year Built = 2006 Engine(s) = Volvo Penta D3 Engine Type = Inboard Diesel I would prefer D4's if you can find one.
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