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  1. LED's used in Docking lights do not have a very well focused beam. Sometimes "bright" is not what you want.
  2. Congrats on your boat. You may be the only Blackfin owner on this message board, so not sure how much help you will get. Probably best route to go is have your dealer show you, have your dealer contact Monterey and get the manufacturer of the tower, then you can contact them for instructions. I hope Monterey will add another 2 or 3 outboard models to their line up. Both the 197 and the 217 are fantastic boats.
  3. I have always just taken the bulbs out and matched them up at the store to what they have whenever I have replaced bulbs. Have not needed to replace them yet on our 2011 204FS. When I do, I will switch to LED in all except the docking lights.
  4. Pearl White has been used for many years. Call Spectrum for the RAL # cross reference.
  5. If you already have that many hours on the boat, and your risers are still good, I would not think closed cooling would be a practical addition. You can usually expect 3-4 years out of risers/manifolds in salt water. Anything longer than that is a plus. And, it will be cheaper to replace the riser/manifolds then adding closed cooling. I think it may have been overkill to replace the sterndrive and engine for just hitting an obstruction. But it is a safe alternative for your mechanic to replace everything, then they are not liable for any eventual failures. Very fortunate your insurance covered the loss.
  6. For a 2009 model, it is new enough that your Monterey dealer can probably get you a set. The original part #'s may not be of much use to Snap in Carpet, and they will also be less expensive than OEM through a dealer, but just as good or better quality. Often, you have to install your own snaps when ordering from Snap In.
  7. Have not been over to that side of the state with our boat, We have friends that boat there often. We do need to get over there one of these days, but the lakes in Northern Michigan are so nice, we trailer up there quite a bit.
  8. What brand gen-set ? Have you called the mfg. customer service or a local marine tech ?
  9. Trace your current carpets, and send them here. They will make an exact set for you. Just choose the type and style you want. Very good company. http://www.snapincarpet.com/
  10. Same boat, just re-badged as a 218. Builders do that every so often. Like for 2015. The 260SCR is now called the 275SY.
  11. Seems like what Ameritex recommends would be what you should do. http://ameritexfabrics.com/caretips_canvas.html Yes, use 303 as needed after cleaning and drying is complete
  12. Reasonable cost for outdrive parts is an oxymoron. $160 is acceptable
  13. Yes the 4 blade will make a difference in time to plane. Try a 14 x 20p 4 blade aluminum. I bought a Michigan Wheel 992204 Vortex for our 204FS, and it is fantastic.
  14. Not from Monterey or a dealer. You can go to a custom shop on line like this. http://www.yachtbedding.com Or likely much cheaper if you have a seamstress in your area measure, cut and sew what you need to fit your boat.
  15. It's probably a safe bet that knowone has attempted this on a 270CR or 262CR. Likely once the OP see's the cost, he won't have anything to keep you posted on. However, I have seen people add crazier costly things to their boat, so I guess you never know for certain.
  16. Expensive proposition if you can only "hope" it fits.
  17. two center bunks is better than guide polls
  18. It may be possible for your size boat, but not usually on hulls shorter than 28ft. Cost would be about 1/2 what you paid for your boat. http://www.tntlifts.com/products.html
  19. Request the boats' build sheet from your dealer, who can get it from Monterey with your HIN.
  20. Owners manual can be downloaded on this message board. There is no such thing as a service manual for the boat. You can buy a Seloc service manual for the VP engine and drive, but owners manual for the boat itself is all you will find.
  21. 1.5 to 2.0 mpg at cruise speed. Top speed right about 40 mph. at WOT. It is enough power in that boat, but the more people and gear that you have in it, the harder it will be to get on plane.
  22. Your local Monterey dealer can order them for you. That is your only option.
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